French Beauty Haul

French Beauty Haul

On Sunday, I got back from a few days away in Brittany, France. After booking the trip, I wasted no time in looking up where I would be able to find a Sephora and, as luck would have it, there was one in Saint Malo, where I was getting the ferry back from. It turned out to be a much smaller store than I was expecting, so I also grabbed a couple of things in the local supermarket (which was cheaper than the pharmacy – I check there too!)




I got most things in Sephora, as I was really impressed with the price of their own brand items and have seen good reviews too. The item on the bottom right is a pencil sharper, with both normal and jumbo sizes. I don’t currently have a sharpener specifically for my eyeliner and bought some jumbo pencils so thought this was ideal, plus only €3.

The Ciate nail polish was available in both full sized (13ml) and mini bottles (5ml). The prices are about the same as you pay in the UK, but I really liked the look of this one and its unlike any other polish I own. Its called Couture Noir and has black, white and silver in a Tweed effect. I felt this was more of a statement nail polish, so opted for the mini which was €5.


This awesome test tube shaped product is a Rouge Infusion lip stain from the new The Neutrals range. It is described as a lip ink. I think the range is just an extension of these lip products, but I hadn’t heard of them before. I opted for a slightly stronger pink shade than I usually go for, but I thought it was really lovely. These go on really glossy, but mattify slightly as they dry on for a long lasting finish. This was about €13 and is called Peony, which is shade 12.


A product I have seen really good reviews about is the Jumbo Liner 12H Wear pencils, which are about €11 each. I was really impressed with these when I swatched them in the store – every colour swatched exactly the same as the end of the pencil. Plus they didn’t budge when rubbed. I picked up two shades; purple and mauve. I plan on using these as eyeshadow pencils, so will have to see how well they blend.


This is basically Sephora’s own version of Maybelline’s colour tattoos, of which I am a big fan, but was disappointed at the lack of neutral shades available in the UK. I was very happy to see this perfect nude for €14. I love that this can be applied quickly and easily, making it perfect for work. I wore this yesterday and it lasted all day without budging or creasing. This is Sweet Champagne.



Inside the supermarket drugstore, I found these beautiful Nuxe products a couple of euros less than the main drugstore. Both I had debated purchasing, but wasn’t sure on the price, so snatched them up at the lower price.

Left is a 200ml cleanser and make up remover, containing honey. I hadn’t heard of it before, but it just sounded so lovely I didn’t want to leave it behind. I’ve only had one Nuxe product before, which I love, so am really looking forward to giving this a go. It was about €8.


The other product I got from them, is their renowned lip balm, again a honey version. As this was only €9, it worked out cheaper than it would be in the UK.


Lastly, is an assortment of samples from both places. I’m most excited to try out the Bio Beaute sample, which I believe is a new range from Nuxe. I was really intrigued by the range and love the packaging, but unfortunately couldn’t afford anything else. The Caudalie sample looks great too.



Here’s my make up from yesterday using the eye shadow tub and the lip stain.

So that’s everything I got in France! Have you tried any of these products?


6 responses to “French Beauty Haul

  1. Nice haul! Love Nuxe products.
    Those Jumbo Liners look suspiciously like one of Charlotte Tilbury’s eyeshadow pencils at half the price. Look forward to your review.


    • I think they are similar to a lot of eye shadow pencils out there, but I don’t have any! Will definitely have to review them once I’ve tested them out a few times 😊 x


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