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NOTD Ft. Essie and Sally Hansen

I’ve mentioned a few times on here before that I am terrible for chipping, smudging or otherwise ruining my nails within 24 hours of painting them. In fact, I’ve gone so far as to say I find it impossible to make a manicure last that long. Those days are now behind me! Thanks to these great tips from Anomalous Me Beauty, whose blog is really worth following if you’re not already!

I picked out my high end products to give this a go, as I know from many many reviews that they’re meant to be a lot better lasting than I’ve ever managed.

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August Glossybox Review


I feel like this post is long over due, but with starting a new job and being ill for most of the month it has managed to escape being written. Sorry about that, but here is my more in depth review of my August Glossybox. Better late than never!
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Beauty Haul! Ft. Fragrance Direct, The Body Shop & Boots

Yesterday was my first pay day in almost a year and a half! I might only be working part time, but seeing some money actually going into my bank account was incredibly exciting (and a rarity since finishing uni) so I decided to go do some shopping. I’ve split this into sections so you can see what I got from each shop.

Fragrance Direct


Fragrance Direct is an online shop, which sells a wide range of beauty products at discounted rates. Over the weekend, they had a free shipping offer which I took advantage of. Standard shipping is meant to take 5-7 working days and I got mine in 4. Very impressed! And everything was well packaged too, so it’s definitely worth checking them out. Here’s what I got:
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What are your French beauty heroes?

Today my parents booked ferries to go visit my grandparents in France and my mum has offered to do some shopping for me whilst she’s there. Instantly my mind started racing, trying to think of French make up and skin care brands!

Of course, Bioderma, Clarins and the like have all crossed my mind and the thought of getting up to 25% reduced prices on some products is incredibly exciting and I kind of don’t know where to start!

So I want to know, what are YOUR French beauty heroes and make up must haves? Let me know in the comments and I’ll take look into them whilst I create my list. I know I’ve got a while before they go but man I’m excited at the prospect!

E.L.F. Haul Review – Part 2

Continuing on from yesterday’s post, this is the second part of my E.L.F. haul review. This half focuses on the eye products, lip products and nail varnish that I got.

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E.L.F. Haul Review – Part 1

Earlier this month, I went on a shopping spree on the E.L.F. website, taking advantage of the 50% off and free shipping. I got a total of 12 products for just over £20, which is such a bargain. I’ve now tried everything out thoroughly and so its time to review them. As there’s quite a lot, I’ve decided to split this into two posts so its easier to digest.

This part will focus on face products – the foundation, face powder, brushes and blusher that I bought – and the second will talk about everything else – the eye products, lip products and nail varnish. All the prices on the post are the RRP as shown on the E.L.F. website.

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The Drugstore Favourites Tag!

Drugstore Favourites

So guys, I’ve been tagged by Glam Jar to do a drugstore favourites post. I personally love to shop at places like Boots, because of the variety of things on offer with a range of brands which go from cheap and cheerful to high end in the price range. Although I tend to steer clear of actually buying things in the high end price bracket because I find it hard to justify spending so much money on one item. In fact, out of all the make up I currently own, only two items would be classed as premium products…
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August Glossybox First Impressions


This month is Glossybox’s third birthday! To celebrate, they offered six items to everyone, promising a minimum box value of £33.

My box came yesterday, much quicker than expected having been dispatched on Friday, but as I had already written a post I decided to have this one go up today instead.
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FOTD: E.L.F. Cosmetics

As promised in my previous haul post, I’ve created an every day make up look using the E.L.F. products I got. This is a basic look that I would wear every day and have actually worn a few times in the last week.

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The Lovely Blog Award

4232458So to my surprised, I have been nominated for yet another blog award! This is my third award in less than a month, so I’d like to say a big thank you for all your views, likes, comments & nominations, it really means a lot. An extra big thank you to Clare over at Clare’s Beauty Blog for nominating me for this. Go check out her blog if you haven’t already! You won’t be disappointed.
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Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review


As the name says, this is a cleansing water. I’m sure all of you have seen the hype around micellar waters over the past few months, which all started when Bioderma became more easily available here in the UK. Since then, other brands have been coming out with their own versions and I got curious so decided to give one a try.
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Confessions of a Beauty Blogger

confessionsImage source

After confessing in my post yesterday that I have been using an old blusher brush to apply my face powder, I got thinking about other things I do that I probably shouldn’t… So here’s my 10 confessions!
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E.L.F. Make Up Haul

Last weekend I decided to take advantage of the double offer going on E.L.F.s website. Using a 50% off code and making sure that after discount I still spent £20, I got free shipping too. Score! This definitely enabled me to push myself into spending a bit more than I should, but when it came to adding an extra product or two, they would only be £1-2 after the discount so hey ho, not exactly going to break the bank is it?

My parcel arrived yesterday and here’s what it looked like:


As you can see, my little box is filled to the brim. The E.L.F. packers must be pro at tetris!
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Liebster Award!

Liebster Award

Stephanie over at Steph’s Silver Lining has nominated me for a Liebster Award! Thank you so much! What is this award about you might ask? Well, basically you are tagged by another blogger who has left you 11 questions. You answer their questions and then tag 11 other bloggers with new questions. The aim of the award is to spread the name of blogs with less than 200 followers.
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Neutral Protein Filler Review

If you read my previous hair post, then you’ll know that I have been struggling to get colour to stick to my hair. Researching online, I found a lot of posts which recommended hair protein fillers.

Protein fillers are very widely available and quite cheap in the US but unfortunately are difficult to get hold of and a lot more expensive here in the UK. I don’t know why, but it might be something to do with EU regulations. After a lot of consideration, I bought a bottle of Colorful Neutral Protein Filler 16oz off amazon for £24.50.

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