Best Micellar Water: Bioderma vs Garnier


These have got to be the two most popular Micellar Waters on the market at the moment and I am lucky enough to have both in my stash. I’ve used up a whole bottle of each and decided it was definitely time for a highend vs drugstore comparison of two fantastic products.


I have reviewed this before on my blog, quite a while back after discovering it in August. At that time, it did wonders for clearing up my skin and made me realise how badly my previous make up remover was. Months later, I’ve tried out a couple of other drugstore offerings but found that they didn’t agree with my rather sensitive skin. This one, however, is fantastic!

The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is a make up remover, cleanser and ph balancer all in one simple step. It is perfume free and hypoallergenic making it suitable for sensitive skin. Just £5 (often on offer!) will get you a generous 400ml bottle, which claims to do 200 uses. I think that’s about right if you count one cotton pad as one use – I personally use 2-3 to remove my make up, but this still lasts me a couple of months.

Application couldn’t be simpler; pour a little onto a cotton pad and wipe your make up away! This works really well at removing the fairly heavy liquid eyeliner that is my daily look without any scrubbing necessary. For the more stubborn parts, I like to let the product sink in a little by holding the pad there for a moment before wiping it off. This really works wonders and saves me from having to go back over the same patch to break down the layers of primer/eye shadow/liquid eyeliner. Afterwards, my skin is left feeling clean and refreshed.

As my first micellar water, this one left me completely smitten. But this is really just a dupe for Bioderma so can the French beauty favourite be any better?



Bioderma have a couple of variations of their micellar water, but I use the Crealine TS H2O as it is hypoallergenic and perfume free. This comes in a slightly larger bottle at 500ml, but is more expensive. I was given mine after my mum went to France and found a double pack on offer in the pharmacy for about €15, but usually that’s the price of one bottle. In the UK, some online stores like Escentual are the only way to get it and you’ll pay £10.20 for a 250ml bottle. For the extra money, I think Bioderma needs to be considerably better than Garnier which is a pretty tall order.

Like all micellar waters, Bioderma makes makeup removal both easy and effective, just sweeping a couple of cotton pads across my face leaves my skin cleansed and makeup free. It too feels refreshing, which I think is because of the lightweight solution.

Really I don’t have anything bad to say about Bioderma, when it was the only product on the market it must have been incredible, but I think Garnier have by far the best dupe out there which is at least as good as this, if not maybe slightly better and more widely available. The packaging for both is very similar and very functional, so there’s nothing much to say there. Overall, I will happily use up my remaining Bioderma but will be repurchasing Garnier in the future – you just can’t beat the value for money – so this time, drugstore wins.

Have you tried any micellar waters? What’s your favourite?


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15 responses to “Best Micellar Water: Bioderma vs Garnier

  1. I prefer Bioderma overall because it leaves my face feeling the cleanest but the Garnier one is a great alternative and a lot cheaper!


  2. Definitely going to try some of the Garnier when I’ve finished up my cleanser. Sounds so good, my skin can be really irritated by different cleansers so I think I need to try a miceller water! X


  3. I didn’t realise until reading your post it cleanses skin as well as removed make up. I thought (for some reason) it just removed make up lol x


  4. I think I tend to sway towards the Garnier, especially with price point and availability :) Have been trying a few drugstore alternative but in my opinion they haven’t been as great!
    Huge congrats on reaching such a great followers count on WP & Insta, brill news – so glad to be one of them hehe XX


    • I haven’t gotten on with any drugstore alternatives, so have decided to give my skin and break and just stick to the ones I know!
      Aw thanks Karen! I’m glad you’re one too 😊 x


  5. I am currently using the La Roche Posay micellar water! I like it a lot too remove my face make-up. Tried the Bioderma aswell and liked that one too! I don’t see major differences between them :) Might check the Garnier one out once I run out again!


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