The Best Translucent Powder: Makeup Revolution vs Freedom vs Rimmel

Translusent Powder

I think a comparison review is always a helpful read when you’re looking for a new product to try. A translucent face powder is a very basic product which I’m sure many of you use. I’ve picked up three very affordable drugstore ones to show you just how different they can be.


So here they are from L-R:

  1. Makeup Revolution Pressed Powder in Translucent £2
  2. Freedom Pressed Powder in 101 Translucent £2
  3. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 001 Transparent £3.99

The first thing that strikes me is that the Rimmel one is twice the price of the other two. It’s been a long term repurchase item of mine, so I was interested to see how it compared to the cheaper ones.

From the description on the Boots website, the Rimmel powder sells itself on being ‘free of fragrance, oils, parabens and talc, and because it won’t clog pores, it’s great for all skin types.’ Funnily enough, the first ingredient listed is then talc… It does however contain more natural minerals than the others.


As you can see, they’re comparable in terms of size, but there’s some differences in the packaging. Despite being joint cheapest, the Makeup Revolution one has a compact sponge and mirror on the bottom which is ideal for touch ups on the go. Freedom and Rimmel have much more basic packaging, but both work well.

IMG_3487 IMG_3558

I thought it was good to swatch them all and it really shows how differently they apply. Makeup Revolution is the most finely milled of the three, but Rimmel’s is most blendable. Freedom’s is quite clearly different in colour compared to the other two and is too tinted for my super pale skin.

I’ve tested these out a few times, always applying with a kabuki brush over my base products. No matter how lightly I applied the Freedom powder, I always ended up with my face a different skin tone from the rest of me. It did however last all day. Revolution’s powder applied fine although if I wasn’t careful could get a bit messy due to being so fine. It wasn’t as long wearing as the other two so if I was planning on going out after work somewhere, I’d take this in my bag to touch up. Rimmel performed as well as ever – blending well with my foundation giving me an even complexion and keeping oil at bay all day.

Overall, I still prefer the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder even though it is twice the price of the other two. But really, £4 isn’t going to break the bank and there’s often offers on. I will use up the Makeup Revolution Powder, but I think I’ll have to gift on Freedom’s as the shade really isn’t translucent and so doesn’t work for me. Hopefully they’ll bring out a properly pale one in future, because the staying power was fantastic.

What’s your favourite face powder? Have you tried any of these ones?


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9 responses to “The Best Translucent Powder: Makeup Revolution vs Freedom vs Rimmel

  1. Hey :)

    Oh, I’ve been eyeing the Rimmel Stay Matte for a while now, as everyone praises it so much! It seems like a good powder, in general.

    I’ve been using the Rimmel 25h Waterproof Powder Foundation as a powder and it’s been quite good so far. :)

    Lovely post!



  2. I will def. look into that Rimmel powder!


  3. Out of these, I’ve only tried the Rimmel and it was decent. I just wish the packaging was a little big more portable! I like the Essence Matte powder as well.


    • If I could put Rimmel’s powder into Revolution’s packaging, I would! I haven’t tried the Essence one, I shall have to have a look for it once I’ve got through some of these x

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Jeez that freedom one looks more like a peach blusher than a translucent powder! Other than like you say the formulation of the freedom is a bit more messy because it’s fine – i find it lasts as long on my skin and i love the packaging for practicality, Rimmel’s always seems to crack and smash as soon as I put it in a makeup bag! xx


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