Feel Unique Haul


Back again with yet another haul! I’ve been spending my hard earned cash on some items from My Beauty Wish List and I gotta save, it’s satisfying to have got my hands on some things I’ve been wanting for  a while. Especially when I got some great deals on them too! This time I raided Feel Unique… Twice!


Round one was to use a Wowcher offer where I got a £20 spend for £10, so essentially all of this was 50% off! The voucher only worked on full price items unfortunately, but I think I did well at sticking to the budget only spending an extra 98 pence. Plus this lot came with free delivery as I spent more than £10.

The very first thing I added to the basket, and the main reason why I got the voucher, was to get my hands on NCLA’s Bikinis & Martinis £11. I have been obsessing over the pics of this on instagram as it’s such a beautiful shade. It’s a pinky peach shade that’s kinda neutral, kinda bright. Feel Unique is the only UK seller I’ve seen of this brand and I was impressed with one that was sent out in a Glossybox, so really wanted to give this a go. I used this last week and found that I got a good few days chip free. (I am a notorious chipper, so should last other people a lot longer!)

Secondly, I added the Real Techniques Setting Brush £6.99, as I don’t currently have a blusher brush. I chose this one over the actual blusher brush they offer as I wanted something finer that I would have more control over.


I spent a while looking about  the site for a cheap third item to make use of all of my voucher and in the end settled for another nail polish even though I really don’t need any more – it was just the cheapest option avaliable. Nonetheless, I am really pleased with Rimmel’s Rollin In The Grass £2.99 despite it being the least grass toned probably possible. It’s a lot lighter than it looks in the picture online so it’s basically identical to another couple of varnishes I own. I wish I’d gotten a different shade because of that now, but there weren’t as many choices as there are currently on Feel Unique right now. However, this has been on my toes for a week without any signs of wear. Impressive!


The second haul was to get my hands on this baby! I wouldn’t have gone for the pink one if it wasn’t on such a great offer, in fact I was planning on waiting til payday to get the blue one but I think you’ll understand why I chose to go for this! The Pixie Lott Magnitone Lucid Cleansing Brush has a RRP of £69.99, but was reduced to £50 and came with the travel case worth £14.99 free. Pretty good huh? But that’s not even all of it! The day I purchased, Feel Unique had a 15% off everything code which worked on top of the sale price. So I paid £42.50 plus £1 for tracked delivery, which is effectively half price if you add the cost of the brush and case together! I personally haven’t seen these going so cheap and have been debating getting one since around December, so I am very excited to finally try this out!

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them? Anything you’ve treated yourself to lately? Let me know!


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8 responses to “Feel Unique Haul

  1. Might have to put that exfoliating brush on my wishlist! Looks so good! x

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  2. I love Feel Unique, it feels like Christmas when I see one of their packages at home :) I recently bought the setting brush from RT and I’m loving it! Jay x

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    • I ordered from them for the first time in the last year and now am rather in love! They stock such a great range of brands and the shipping is reasonable :)
      The RT brushes are always so soft, I love it! x

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  3. What kind of grass is Rita Ora looking at!? Pretty shades though – hate when shades don’t match up to their online lookalikes! Might have to get that RT setting brush, looks like it would be great for highlighting across the cheek bones! xx


    • I have no idea! Haha, its a nice shade but I do have some that are almost identical, so would have preferred something more like it looked online! The bush is great so far, very soft, lots of control which is what I wanted.

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