Birmingham Haul!

Birm Haul

On Tuesday, my godmother, mum and I went on a shopping trip to the Bull Ring in Birmingham. We’d been planning the trip for a month or so, but as I’m moving I didn’t have quite as much money as I’d have liked. But that didn’t stop me from getting spendy!

Birmingham is an hour and a half away on the train from where we live, but tickets worked out under £14 each as we got a group discount.

The Bull Ring itself is absolutely massive! It’s three storeys high, with the shops on the top floor being two storeys themselves, and as long as my local shopping centre. This meant bigger shops and stores we don’t have at home!

On to what I bought:

Victoria’s Secret


Now, I’m not usually one for posting my underwear on the internet, but Victoria’s Secret was the first stop on my list, as there’s only a couple of stores in the UK. They’re a bit more expensive than I usually go for, but I decided to treat myself, as I know they’re comfortable and good quality. These were £12 each/3 for £27.

River Island


Next up was River Island, as I had a £20 gift card and have been needing a new pair of black jeans for a long time! I went for the Lana super skinny cut (£40) as I like tight jeans and the high rise stops them from sliding down a lot.



I think I mentioned in a previous post about how I was in need of a new bikini that offered support for swimming in. My mum was actually the one looking for swimwear, but this really stood out to me. As the tops are sized by bra size, I was able to find one that was the perfect fit, is super comfy and offers a lot of support. This was a gift from my Godmother, but is £24 for the top and £14 for the bottoms. They also have this in a tankini and in black.


I have a bit of an obsession with dark green at the moment don’t I? Well, I couldn’t resist this offering from Warehouse at only £18! I like the V neck, which is work friendly but still low enough to wear for some drinks. Love this with the new jeans! Such a perfect combo.



I was in desperate need of a hair dryer, as I don’t currently have one and have been using my mum’s. My Godmother gets NHS discount in Boots, which I used towards this. I wanted a tourmaline dryer, as they’re meant to be good for thick hair and this seemed like a really good affordable option. The Tresemme Power Dry 2200 is only £17.99.

TK Maxx


I have been wanting a red bag for a few months, but have put off buying it as I felt I didn’t really need to spend out a huge amount of money on a bag. However, I found this real leather Lloyd Baker London bag in TK Maxx at £35, down from £80! The shape is unlike anything else I own, I adore the colour and the leather is super soft. I couldn’t resist!


Another couple of TK Maxx bargains that I probably should have resisted… These Illamasqua nail varnishes are meant to be amazing, like all of their make up! I’ve never actually tried anything from them before, because of the price. These have a RRP of £14.50, but I got them for £3.99 each! Understandably, there weren’t a huge amount of them in the store, but I don’t really own any metallics so I opted for the green in Omen and glittery grey in Raindrops. Can’t wait to try these out!

Forever 21


The final stop for me was Forever 21, who again aren’t widely available in the UK, but I have purchased from in the USA before. I somehow found this beautiful cardigan tucked away on a rail, it was the only one like it I saw in the whole store. I love the black and white marl and the fact that it has a hood! I’ve been wanting a hooded cardi for ages, but struggle to find them. If you think you don’t need a hood on a cardigan, let me just say one word: rain. See? The hood is needed! This was £15, as is meant to be oversized I think as a M fit me.

IMG_2493 IMG_2492

I can’t find this one on the website, but this is such a cool piece. The front and sleeves are a charcoal grey supersoft jersey fabric and the back and sides are black chiffon. It’s lightweight and nice and long, so I can’t wait to layer it over a vest top and some leggings for a comfy, casual look. This is £11.50.

IMG_2491 IMG_2490

Lastly, I grabbed these two plain vest tops as they’re only £2 each! They have a huge range of these V-neck camis, but unfortunately were quite size limited in store, plus they size really small, so I went for the XL.

That’s everything I got in Birmingham! I had such a lovely day out and am really pleased with my purchases. Have you been to the Bull Ring? What did you think of it?




7 responses to “Birmingham Haul!

  1. Obsessed with the bikini set & handbag 😻


  2. OMG I love that bikini!!


  3. That bikini is super cute. I love how the cut gives a slight retro vibe :)

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