Black Friday Mini Haul

A slightly belated Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American readers! I hope you all had a great holiday. I may be in the UK, but in recent years Black Friday has become a shopping event over here too thanks to American owned retailers like Asda. I personally don’t see why people want to go and (literally) fight over TVs, etc in the supermarkets, but I did pick up a few bits in some of the online sales.


First to go live was the Black Milk sale, where they were offering 30% selected items. As this is only their third sale ever and they are hugely popular, this was crazy, with items selling out in minutes. This led to some people complaining about it on their Facebook page, which I think is harsh, as they’re an independent label with limited production and they don’t have to do a sale at all. I for one am pleased that they do these sales, as I’ve been able to pick up something every time that I’ve been lusting after and often couldn’t afford thanks to the added customs charges.

This time, I was after three things, but only managed to snag this awesome Imperial Shooter which has gone from about £50 to £35. You may recognise it from my Black Milk Wish List post. This was the main thing I wanted as it’s now being discontinued, so once it’s sold out this is gone. This is actually still available in most sizes, along with some of their other products. If you’ve been thinking about trying this brand but have been unsure because of the price, take a look at the sale and see if there’s something still left. I doubt you’d regret it.


Hard Times Clothing took a different approach, they released some brand new products in limited runs of 30, including this King Hoodie (£40), which was previously only available on a bomber jacket. They’ve decided to release these all as preorder items so that people can get the size they need and once all 30 have sold, they’re gone. If you haven’t heard of them before, check them out! They’re an independent UK brand who create high quality clothing at reasonable prices. I picked up some of their tees at MCM Comic Con for my boyfriend and have got my brother this Guardians of the Galaxy inspired design for his birthday.Brian-Ewing-2-Skull-and-HeartThe final thing I purchased was this beautiful Brian Ewing print, titled Queen Bee, from Skull and Heart. This is my fourth print from this company and I cannot rate them enough. They’re so friendly and dispatch items out really quickly. Plus the quality of the prints is so high. At the moment, their colour series prints, which this is part of, are half price at £15 down from £30. For an A2 print that is an absolute bargain.

What do you think of my purchases? Did you get any great Black Friday bargains?



3 responses to “Black Friday Mini Haul

  1. Raaach!
    Can’t find the Naked Heat Defence Spray anywhere 😭
    Do you know of any good non silicone heat defence stuff? X


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