My Black Milk Clothing Wish List

I don’t think it’s any secret that Black Milk Clothing is my all time favourite clothing brand. They have such a great range of clothes covering everything from every day staples, perfect gear for a night out and licensed pieces to make your inner nerd squeal with delight. All whilst being high quality and ethically made in Australia. It made perfect sense to me then, that they needed to be the focus of their own post, and as I am trying to include more fashion posts in my blog this seemed like the place to start. Here are my top ten items, in no particular order, that I have been lusting after for some time now.

BMC Wishlist Part 1

I decided to start with leggings, as that’s what the company started out with, so from left to right:

  1. Spartans Lace Leggings – $90/£48.97
  2. Tartan Red Leggings – $75/£40.80
  3. Burned Velvet Leggings – $80/£43.53
  4. Warm Grey Pocket Leggings – $65/£35.36

Slightly confusingly, the warm grey leggings are actually named after the colour of the fleece lining in them. They are made with the matte black fabric BMC use for several of their pieces, including the leggings I am wearing right now, which are my go-to every day pair. I definitely need the fleece lined version for the colder months here in the UK.

I can also tell you that the Burned Velvet fabric is even more gorgeous in person as I have the Evil Cheerleader Dress 2.0, but I want the leggings too. They also have this fabric available in a wine colour, but I’m hoping they bring out a dark green soon!

As for the tartan leggings, you may have seen that I recently got the skater skirt and I have been wearing it a lot. I’m debating whether to get the leggings or the fleece lined toasties version of these and cannot wait for the Christmas release next month where there is promise of green tartan. Here’s hoping for a skater skirt!

BMC Wishlist Part 2

Now on to some of their other products, including some licensed pieces:

  1. Cherry Blossom Black Skater Dress – $85/£46.25
  2. Matte Black Evil Zip Dress – $80/£43.53
  3. Mechanical Black Ribs Swimsuit – $90/£48.97
  4. Targaryen Shooter – $90/£48.97
  5. Imperial Trooper Shooter – $90/£48.97

I am still gutted that I didn’t get the cherry blossom print on leggings when they were around, as I think the print is so gorgeous. However, it does look equally great on this skater dress and it’s a very flattering cut.

Once again we see the matte black fabric, because I really do love it and I know that this is a staple piece that would see a lot of wear and not go see-through.

As for the swim, well, who knew one-pieces could be so cool?! Black Milk clearly did, as they’ve made several awesome ones and this is my current favourite.

I am a big Game of Thrones fan and I love the colours and use of the house logo on this shooter. I am an even bigger Star Wars fan and cannot get enough of the attention to detail done on this Imperial Trooper Shooter! Plus they look mega comfy and would look really cool, yet effortless teamed with some plain leggings.


Last, but by no means least, is this incredible two piece ‘wifey’ set called Jurassic Art. I don’t have any prices for this yet as its release was only announced today and I am kinda cheating a little by counting this as one item, when they will be sold individually. But can you blame me?

This was the result of a competition BMC had with their designers given a couple of days to create a clothing item featuring a dinosaur. The awesome EJ seems to know the way to my heart by putting dinosaurs into classic Monet pieces. I really love Monet. And dinosaurs. So clearly, I need this!

I prefer the two designs on the skirt, but kinda wish they were on a top as I’m not a big fan of body con – it seems to exaggerate my many lumps and bumps, making me feel self-concious. However, I have already been planning how I could maybe make this skirt work for me as I love the prints so much. If nothing else, maybe it’ll motivate me to start trying to lose weight again…

This is just a small snapshot of the kind of clothing this amazing company do. They also have licensed ranges from Disney, Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings, amongst others, so there’s definitely something for everyone.

So what do you think of Black Milk Clothing? Any items here you would wear?

Please note: prices shown are in AUD and then at current conversion rate.



3 responses to “My Black Milk Clothing Wish List

  1. Everyone in my dance class is obsessed with Black Milk leggings! Those new co-ords are gorgeous too – never knew how much I wanted to wear a dinosaur on my bum before. Love to see some outfit posts if you get anything new!

    Much love, N x / / @savingxfaces


    • Haha the two piece is so unusual don’t you think? Turns out its fleece lined too! I think I’m going to take the plunge and go for the skirt, if I like it on I’ll try and get some good photos to show you 😊 x


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