October Glossybox Review


I’ve had my box for just over a week now and have had chance to try out the products in it. Some are definite winners. Others, not so much.


Nuxe Crème Fraîche De Beauté Mask

I tried this out last night and it smells amazing! But does it work? Uh, yes! And at £19.50 for 100ml and with such a good brand reputation, I wasn’t surprised. Except I am a little. This is much thinner than I expected and is more like an intensive moisturiser than a mask. The instructions say to apply, leave for 10mins then rub in or remove. Being thinner than a face mask, a little of this went quite a long way and it absorbs in nicely without leaving a greasy film. My skin feels softer and refreshed for using this, so I think I’ll be working this into my skincare routine a couple of times a week. This tube will last for quite a while and is in my book a definite winner after just one use! Definitely recommended.

Être Belle Cosmetics Liplift Peel

Definitely the right time of year to be receiving a lip peel! The cold weather has definitely set in here in the UK and as a result my lips have been drier than usual. So far, I have only used this once and I can’t quite make up my mind on it. Quite a lot of product came out of the tube, so I made a bit of a mess. It had exfoliating beads in, when I thought it would be an acid peel as it said to leave it on for a minute. So I rubbed it on and left it for a minute as instructed. It made my lips tingly and left them feeling dry after I washed it off. I then put a lip balm over it and I do think it made my lips smoother, but also left them a little sore. Undecided about this one! I haven’t used any lip exfoliators before so this could be normal, let me know if it is!

IMG_1811 copy

So Susan Cosmetics Flutter Mascara

This is the most expensive mascara I have ever tried, so I had some high expectation for it. I’ve used this every day since I received it so have given it a thorough test, but I have to say, it’s not for me. This is designed to give dark, voluminous lashes which have curve and definition. Above, are some pictures showing how this mascara looks on my lashes without any other make up. You can see that there is curve and definition, but I don’t think it delivers on the volume side of things, which is the main thing I look for in a mascara. I could live with that though, but the consistency is quite liquidy and thin, which means transfer! Every time I apply it, it goes on well and then takes so long to try that I end up with marks on my upper lid and below my bottom lash line. It’s quite difficult to get off compared to other mascaras too, but that does mean it lasts all day. The main issue, however, is a big one. Air seems to end up trapped in the tub as you put the wand away, there’s then a big pop and see the image below for what happens. Messy. And wasteful. And from other reviews, I’m not the only one this has happened to! At £14.95 I definitely won’t be repurchasing this!


Ciaté London Paint Pot

The shade I got in my box is called Talent Scout. I don’t really have much to add about this following my first impressions post! I love the colour, I think its gorgeous and think that it will also look great with a matte top coat. It applies really well and lasts well on the nails too (although mine got ruined at work, as usual. Joys of working in a phone store!) As I said before, I am fairly new to the Ciate brand, but I have liked the products I’ve tried so far a lot, but this was my first non-metallic from them. Would I buy another? Umm, I already have! As these retail at £9 and I like this one so much, I couldn’t resist picking up the colour Stiletto when I found it for £2.99 in TK Maxx! I had been eyeing it up online anyway so it felt rude not to! If you’ve got a store near you, go take a look and see if you can get any at such a good price, because I doubt you’ll regret it!

Yves Rocher France Quelques Notes D’amour

It’s difficult to review perfumes isn’t it? The simplest way to put it is, I like it. This is quite different from anything I currently own, but is still floral and musky which are my two favourite things in a perfume. It has notes of damascus rose, guaiac wood and patchouli. Full size is £33 for 30ml, which is pretty reasonable for a higher end perfume. Would I buy a full size? I’m not 100% decided, but I currently have quite a lot of perfume so I definitely don’t need to pick another up any time soon. But I will definitely use up this sample.

Rimmel London BB Cream Matte

Okay, I have a confession to make. I haven’t actually got round to trying this one out yet. I’m not convinced that it won’t be too dark for me despite being in the shade Light. I will give it a go soon though, as this is a product I considered buying so its nice to get the chance to try it out before I buy a full size. If I’m lucky I might get two uses out of this 8ml sample. Full size is £6.99 for 30ml.

Overall, I am really pleased with this month’s box. It’s a shame the mascara doesn’t work for me, but I have still got some great new items to add to my collection that I will use regularly. And I’m already excited to see what next month brings! As usual, they have included a flyer letting us know a product in next month’s box, which will be a black silk eyeliner by Lollipops Paris, worth £11. I have never heard of this brand before and I do love eyeliner, so we’re off to a good start already!

Glossybox is a monthly subscribtion box which sells for £13.25 (including P+P). My box this month was worth £53.81 PLUS the two samples, making the total nearer the £60 mark. I have to say I am very happy with the value for money from that.

If you want to get your own Glossybox, then I would be grateful if you used my referral link below. This does give me points towards their rewards scheme.



15 responses to “October Glossybox Review

  1. I haven’t even tried the mascara yet because as soon as I looked at it I thought it wouldn’t be any good because of the formula being so thin. I’ve had trouble lately with smudges under my eyes and I just knew that it would do exactly the same (I’ve found one that doesn’t smudge though hurahhh)
    The liplift I think is rubbish. I used it once and it didn’t make any difference. Didn’t taste pleasant either. You would think if something would go on your lips, it would taste nice!


  2. I have been meaning to sign myself up and start receiving a beauty box. I love this concept….xxx thanks for the review


    • They’re so fun! I tried birchbox and you beauty discovery last month but Glossybox is by far the best in my opinion! Do you know which one you want to sign up to? 😊 x


      • I’ve heard about birch box but I think im leaning towards beauty box more..

        what would you recommend ??


      • It depends whether you want high end samples or a mixture of drugstore and high end with more full sized products.
        I found Birchbox gives smaller samples but of more expensive products whereas Glossybox gives more full sized items and you can pretty much guarantee you’ll get a nail product with it!
        If you like the contents of this box, then you’ll get something quite similar if you signed up to Glossybox before this months sells out.
        As I said, I think Glossybox is best for me, but if you prefer higher end products then try Birchbox 😊 x


  3. sounds like you got some great products! I really like Nuxe and that purple nail polish is awesome!


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  5. I got the smae as you except my nail polish was in a bright pink shade. I did a review today on my blog on this months Glossybox, if you would like to take a look.



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