Clothing Haul! ft. Black Milk Clothing, Missguided & Miss Selfridge

Clothing Haul

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a fashion post hasn’t it? I need to try and balance the beauty/fashion content a bit better I think. So despite having recently done a beauty haul post, I thought I’d share the recent additions to my wardrobe with you.

Black Milk Clothing

Living in the UK, Black Milk can be a bit expensive thanks to the customs charges on top of the usual clothing prices, but I have recently gained quite a few pieces by them! Lucky me! They are by far my favourite clothing company and I have adopted a ‘this or Black Milk?’ shopping approach to help stop frivolous purchases and to be able to save up for them.

IMG_2130 IMG_2131 IMG_2132

I did post about this in my Black Friday post, this is the Imperial Troopers Shooter, which was reduced from about £50 to £35. I don’t know of any other company that sells anything even close to this. It’s such a cool idea to turn elements from the Star Wars saga into different basketball teams. I loved this so much, that I bought a second one, the Mandalorian Hunters Shooter (below) before the sale finished.

IMG_2133 IMG_2134 IMG_2135

These tops are unisex and are currently still available, along with other shooter designs. But they are now limited so once the sizes are sold out, they’re gone for good! When I bought them, my usual size (L) wasn’t available, so I decided to size up as I didn’t want a tight fitting top. This makes them really baggy and almost long enough to be a dress. I think my usual size would still be a nice loose fit, just not oversized. I love these, as they’re so comfortable and perfect for a lazy day. I like to layer a vest top under and wear with some black leggings.


For my birthday, my parents got me these Warm Grey Pocket Leggings, which I have very much needed for the British winter! These are made in a matte black fabric (which is very durable, I have another pair of leggings made from the material) with a grey fleece lining. These also feature pockets on the sides, which is so useful, but also looks quite flattering. Sorry about the creases on these, you can’t iron nylon so I’ve just got to wait for them to drop out!


I picked this Bugs On Acid Skater Skirt up from the museum release, using a gift voucher I had from where I returned the Jurassic Art Skirt, which sadly didn’t suit me. Nothing like a prepaid guilt-free purchase! I was so pleased to see this in there, as I did seriously consider getting it at Halloween, but decided against it in favour of the other skirt. This one is no longer avaliable, but I just love the detail on the clockwork bugs and this adds some much needed colour to my usually quite dark wardrobe.


I was sooo excited when Black Milk announced that they had gotten a licensing deal with the guys at Disney for a Nightmare Before Christmas collection! It’s one I had been hoping they’d do for ages, so I knew I had to get something. Once again my wonderful parents got me these, this time for Christmas. I think all the different expressions are really cute, plus being monochrome they are so easy to style. The Jack Skellington Leggings are still available and I can’t wait for it to warm up a bit so I can wear them more.


Lastly, I purchased the Cherry Blossom Black Skater Dress with the money I received from my Godmother for Birthday & Christmas. Having found nothing I wanted at my local shops, I went straight to the Black Milk website to grab something I knew I’d love. I’ve been wanting this dress since they released it about a a year ago, so I’m really pleased to have finally got my hands on it! (Even if it hasn’t arrived yet!) I went for the long torso sizing option, as I’m quite busty and think the extra inch of fabric up top will stop me from having to constantly pull the neckline up.


This is the third time I’ve placed an order from Missguided and I really like everything I’ve had from them and its been good quality. I’m very much quality over quantity when it comes to clothes (although, I do have a lot of clothes…). They’ve recently changed courier to Royal Mail, which has taken away my only point of complaint about them! (The old courier threw a parcel over my fence that could have easily fit in the letter box, so disrespectful!) Being the bargain hunter that I am, I got these when a £10 discount code was active, so paid under £14 for all three items delivered!

IMG_2137 IMG_2138

This is the Greenie Paisley Mini Skirt, which is currently on sale for £7.99. This is one of very few body con skirts that I own, as I feel self concious about my middle, so in recent years have always opted for skater options. But I have some great peplum tops which are very flattering when paired with a body con skirt, so I decided to grab another. Plus the pattern is so beautiful.


I can’t find this exact T-shirt on the website at the moment, but there are a selection of V neck T-shirts you can look at here. This is a very flattering tee, which I have been loving and it’s only £7.99. It’s a perfect every day top which sits really nicely. It has an oversized look and although the V looks really low, I find its a good amount of sexy and not too revealing. I’d definitely look into getting more basic tees like this from Missguided in the future. They’re so comfy and go perfectly with the patterned leggings and things I get from Black Milk!


The final item I got from Missguided was really difficult to photograph, so sorry about how badly the colour is presented. It’s a deep forest green cropped tee, called the Kelsie Round Neck Cap Sleeved Crop Top and is perfect for pairing with high waisted items. This is such a bargain at £4.99 and comes in other colours too.

Miss Selfridge


The last item in my haul is another I haven’t received yet, but is really low in stock so I thought I’d share it now before it goes! This is the Burntout Boxy V Tee in black and is also available in rust and white. All three colours are currently reduced to £7 in their sale. I’m thinking that sizing up in this will make it a nice loose fit for layering over a vest top. I think the patten on this is really nice and is also unlike anything else I currently have in my wardrobe.

That’s everything I’ve picked up lately! Have you found anything in the sales worth buying?





9 responses to “Clothing Haul! ft. Black Milk Clothing, Missguided & Miss Selfridge

  1. Some top bargains Rach, love them – I haven’t got out to have a look at the sale, still recouping from Christmas lol X


  2. You have such a great sense of style! And I absolutely love the troopers top!


  3. The Jack SKellington leggings are adorable! I want them so bad!


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