NOTD: Risk Taker

Risk Taker

First of all I’d like to say sorry for being a bit absent this week, I keep getting headaches! As I work on computers all day, I’ve been trying to avoid screens in the evening to try and break the cluster. Anyway, on to the exciting stuff.


I’m just going to give you a moment to admire this beautiful branding. That soft feminine handwriting, topped with the lil love heart is just adorable.  Plus it’s all so clean! The designer in me cannot get enough.

Lottie London is a pretty new brand, which Rachael from Helpless Whilst Drying introduced me to. Quite literally, as she actually gifted me this polish as a little extra on top of all the amazing Makeup Revolution products I won in her giveaway! I could go on for a while about how much I love Rachael, but I’ll just say you should definitely go check out her blog and her awesome photography.


The shade Rachael picked out for me is called Risk Taker, which is a lovely true green. It’s a beautiful bright, perfect for spring/summer and is the kind of colour that is actually lacking from my nail polish collection. In natural light this looks much as it does above and in unnatural light it looks more grassy. I love how this looks with my skin tone.

The polish was slightly watery in consistency, but well pigmented. Because it was so thin, it took three very thin coats for opaque coverage. I haven’t had this on for a huge amount of time, so can’t comment on the full wear time, but let me just state that I am notorious for chipping my nails. By that I mean I find it near impossible to go 24hours without getting a chip. This has led to me pulling a sad face as I show my other half my chipped nails so many times that he actually congratulates me on going a full day without ruining them. Yup, I am that bad. No, I don’t know what I do to them. The point is that Lottie’s nail polish has really impressed me, as I took these photos the evening after I painted them. That’s right – 24 hours chip free! A small miracle!

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely looking forward to trying out more Lottie nail polishes in future. They are available to buy in Superdrug, although I am yet to find them in my local store. Each 12ml bottle costs £5.99, which I think is reasonable, and the colour range is quite impressive. They also do some makeup brushes and hair ties, which I am curious about.

Have you discovered any new brands lately?


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5 responses to “NOTD: Risk Taker

  1. BlackLaceandGlitter

    I loove this colour!! xo


  2. I bought their hair ties and so far I love them. The brushes have been on my wishlist since I found them but I went a bit mad with brush buying then so I’ve held back but I love the bright colours in all their products. I haven’t had a proper look at the nail varnishes but I might give them a go next time I want to try a new colour.


    • The ties look really good, but I’d want an all black pack so the colours don’t clash with my hair! The brushes would add a nice pop of colour to any make up bag, I’d love to see them in a shop so I could see how soft they are. Hopefully I can get some more of their polishes too!x

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      • I haven’t seen any of their products in store near me or heard much about the brushes to know what they feel like. I tend to buy a lot of mine blind as I don’t see them in stock near me when I look. Different packs of hair ties would be good, a black pack and maybe different colour themes rather than just a rainbow one. I think I saw some similar on the boots site from a different make.

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