Weekly Weigh-In 5

Weekly Weigh In 5

I have not been feeling good this week. I have had headaches and migraines on and off all week, which has resulted in some lazy and unhealthy food choices. I’ve been feeling a bit better over the weekend, but I just seem to have a cluster I can’t break. As a result, there was dominos and cookies. Then Friday night I was invited out to the pub for dinner and last night for drinks whilst watching bands. Did you know you can get elderflower cider?

I think I only actually stuck to my calorie goal once this week and MyFitnessPal happily informed me everyday that if I kept eating like this, I would gain more pounds than I’ve currently lost. Why do I always lose motivation right when I’m about to achieve a target? Anyway, on to the numbers…

Starting Weight: 13st 5lb

Today’s Weight: 13st 1lb

Lost This Week: 0lb

Total Weight Loss: 4lb

I am actually surprised that I haven’t gained this week and I am pleased to have stayed the same. One thing I have noticed through this week of indulgence is that I haven’t been feeling like I have as much energy as I had when eating better. This has made me pretty determined to eat healthier this week and I’ve looked up a recipe for some veggie frittata bites I’m planning on making today for snacking during the week. It’s going to be tough to lose the 2lbs I want to this week, because it’s the week leading up to and the start of shark week for me and that means chocolate cravings and bloating. But I will get there. Here’s to breaking through that 13 stone mark!

What’s your favourite recipe?


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4 responses to “Weekly Weigh-In 5

  1. Hello, just to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog 😘


  2. You’re doing great :). At least you maintained. I had a gain this week, shark week! Grr!
    Christie x


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