September Birchbox First Impressions


As far as Sundays go, sitting eating cherry pie and writing about beauty boxes isn’t a bad way to spend some time! And yes beauty boxes plural, because I have two new subscription boxes to try out and compare for you this month, along with my usual Glossybox!

First up, is Birchbox. My parcel arrived Friday evening and I took a quick peek at it, but as I’ve been really busy I’ve only sat down and had a proper look at it this afternoon. I have to say, I’m quite impressed!

IMG_1714 IMG_1715

Each month, the box has a theme to it and this month’s theme was Happy Days. Inside, I had a welcome flyer, as well as one which lists the products inside the box. The box itself is designed to be reused as a picture frame, by putting your favourite photos inside and attaching them to the wall. There’s instructions for this in a booklet I found tucked away at the bottom of the box.

IMG_1717 IMG_1718

The products are presented in this canvas draw string bag, which could easily be reused to put in a few items to take away on a holiday. I quite like that it’s in the bag, as it adds another layer to unwrap as you go through. The first thing that jumped out at me when I opened it up was the beauty blender! I’d been hoping I’d get one in my box!


Here’s all the products that were in my box! The first thing you’ve probably noticed is that they’re not all beauty items! This is because Birchbox actually markets itself as a beauty and lifestyle box. This month’s box came with 4 beauty samples, a full sized beauty product (I think) and 2 lifestyle items.

Agave Healing Oil Treatment

This is a 4ml sample, there are two sizes available for this, starting from £16 for a 60ml bottle. This is described as a lightweight oil to smooth hair, build resiliency and boost shine and colour. 4ml doesn’t seem like a big sample, but it says you only need a 5p sized amount for each use, so I might get a couple of used out of this. I’m not currently looking for a new hair treatment, as I love my argan oil, but I am happy to give this a go and see if it compares at all.

Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream

Although I’ve seen Benefit’s skin care products on their counters, I’ve never tried them and I can’t think of seeing any reviews of it either. As you’d expect from Benefit, this is clearly a premium product! Even this little 3g sample comes in a little glass jar! I got given a small sachet of this when I got my brows done, but I haven’t tried it out yet, so I think it’s about time I gave this a go. This cream claims to banish dark circles and smooth fine lines, things I definitely need. A full sized jar is 14.2g and retails for £25.50

Premae Mild Dermabrasion Face & Body Scrub

This is marketed as a skin-loving body scrub containing olive granules, which is gentle enough to use on the face too. It’s not often you see a product recommended for both face and body, so I’m intruiged by this. I’ve not heard of the brand before, but the scrub smells okay. This is a 20ml sample, a 100ml tub retails for £25.

ModelCo Lip Laquer in Viva

This is a long-lasting lip gloss, providing colour, hydration and shine. First of all, I have to say that I love the colour! It’s a lovely nude pink, which is my go-to lip colour so I’m happy to have this little addition to my collection. The description on the Birchbox site calls its non-sticky, which I disagree with. It’s a gloss, of course it is sticky! It’s not the stickiest gloss I’ve ever tried though. But it does feel hydrating and has good pigmentation and shine. I’m not sure how much product is in this sample, but you can see from the picture that it’s quite little. A full sized 3ml gloss is £15.

Beauty Blender & Blender Cleanser

This I’m pretty sure is a full sized product, worth £26. From what a quick look online has shown, beauty blenders are available in two sizes – normal and micro mini – but the full sized one is pink and the mini is green. First thought upon seeing this was YES!, then wow that’s smaller than I thought it would be. Then I noticed the cleanser too which is great because I don’t have anything to clean my brushes or anything with at the moment. When soaked in water to use, these blenders are meant to expand a lot so I think that’s why it was so much smaller than I expected. Surprisingly, the blender smells of lavender. I don’t know why. However, I’ve seen many good reviews about this little sponge and I am really excited to give it a go. Plus its worth over twice what I paid for the box!

Urban Fruit Perfect Pineapple Snack Pack

This is the first of the lifestyle products. I’ve tried some Urban Fruit before, but not the pineapple. This is a 35g snack sized bag of dried pineapple, which doesn’t contain any added sugars, preservatives or anything else, like most dried fruit does. Therefore, this is a healthier alternative to many other dried fruits. As the pack suggests, I’ll probably take this into work with me to have at lunch. I love the packaging for this and if this is as good as the strawberries and mango ones I’ll probably like it! They sell a multipack of 6 in all the flavours I’ve mentioned for £13.20, so it’s not the cheapest option!

Happy Days Photo Clip

The final lifestyle product, is the purple photo clip at the bottom of the picture. My bedroom is purple which is a happy coincidence! I’ve used these clips in the past and found my photos curled up, but as I now have a polaroid camera (and many little snaps which are currently in a box with nowhere to live) I think I’ll put this to use with one of my instax shots. I’m hoping that the smaller and thicker picture will be sturdy enough not to curl as a normal photo has in the past.

That’s everything I received in this month’s Birchbox and I think you can see why I’m so impressed with it! I got 7 items in my box and its advertised a sample service, but I have a beauty blender with cleanser included too! I used a promo code to get my first box for just £10! Normally, a box is £10 per month plus £2.95 P+P. I’ve worked out that my box is worth around £46 which is great value for money! Obviously future boxes can’t always be this good, as the beauty blender has really boosted the value of this box, but I really can’t complain about that.

The code I used for my first box is still active, so you can get your first Birchbox for only £10.00 by entering NEW14 at checkout. Birchbox also operates a points based rewards system, so if you sign up using my unique link then we both receive £5 worth of rewards points, which can be used on their online shop! Click here to sign up, or use this link:



16 responses to “September Birchbox First Impressions

  1. So jealous you got a beauty blender! I got one in one of my boxes a couple of months ago but ruined it :( was gonna buy another but I brought some Real Techniques brushes that I’m loving so it’s filled the void! For now.. Ha x


    • I’m amazed at how much that little sponge is worth! Was yours scented too? That really threw me! It’s a shame you didn’t get another one, but I think I read somewhere that they were sending them out to new subscribers and people who didn’t receive them before.
      How are you finding the Real Techniques brushes? I’m thinking of putting the set on my bday/xmas list! x


  2. I’ve never had a beauty box subscription but I’m considering signing up for one. Which would you recommend as a sort of ‘newbie/first time’ subscription box? I’m UK based. <3


    • I’m in the UK too, so you could definitely get the ones I’ve got! It depends what you’re after from a beauty box really. They all have their pros and cons.
      Glossybox is exclusively beauty products and you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll get a nail varnish and lip product in it. They offer more full sized items, but you do get some samples and often feature drugstore and premium products. The Glossybox samples are larger than the ones I’ve gotten in my Birchbox and YBD Box.
      This was my first birchbox and I have to say I am really impressed with it. Mainly because of the beauty blender, which I read somewhere they are sending out to all new subscribers this month. They are a sample subscription so you can except a few more bits and they’re all premium.
      The YBD Box is great because it’s costs so much less! You do get less samples in it than the Birchbox, but that’s not surprising with £6 price difference! Plus getting to choose 2 products is good, so long as you like what’s available. It doesn’t have a rewards system like the others though.
      Overall though, I think Birchbox and Glossybox are the best. But I also want to try the new My Little Box, which has just launched over here after great reviews in France. Hope this helped! x


    • One thing you can always do though, which is what I’m doing atm, is try one for a few months then cancel that subscription and try another for a bit to see what you prefer. So at the moment, I’ve got a Glossybox in the post, but I have actually cancelled my subscription as I can’t afford to have three! I can’t cancel my YBD Box for a couple of months, as I got a 3 for 2 deal, but I will be cancelling that and then either going back to Glossybox or trying My Little Box, as I think they’re worth the extra money.
      If you’re interested in getting a beauty blender, then I’d say sign up for Birchbox this month, although there is no guarantee that you’ll get one, but they did say on their site they are giving them to new subscribers so its highly likely. The discount code for it makes it so worth trying out at £10, plus using a referral link gets you £5 worth of points. Once you have £10 worth, you can redeem them in their store for any products, including Benefit, ModelCo and Beauty Blender! x


      • Wow, you are a star! <3
        Thanks so much for all your help, and that's a great idea. I wanted to make up my mind by october/november because apparently Christmas boxes are generally some of the best they do! I was debating between Glossy box and Birchbox but probably just because they're pretty well known.


      • Oh my god I hadn’t even thought about the Christmas boxes! Ahh that’s exciting! Birchbox and Glossybox are most popular but they are really good. Glad I could help! Let me know which one you go for :) x


      • Yeah exactly! Hahah. No doubt I’ll blog about it if I do go for one! :D x


      • Well why not? Haha! Word of warning though, beauty boxes ARE addictive! x


      • Yeah I imagine! And I see so many posts about all the different versions I just cant make my mind up! Hahah. x


      • You just gotta take the plunge! As a bargain hunter, I always go for what’s best value for money and look for deals! The Birchbox code that I posted is great and I definitely got my value for money with this box! This months Glossybox is meant to be worth a lot too and has a lovely London watercolour design, can’t wait to get it!x


      • Ahhhh so many choices! Hahah.
        Maybe I’ll see how good pay day is to me this month and go for it next month… :P


      • Well that is always an option! I see quite a few bloggers that have more than one subscription box! x


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