The ‘Super Fun Time Excellence Good Nice Blogger Fancy Person’ Award


Well doesn’t this have quite the title! I was nominated for this award by two of my favourite bloggers, Beck from Beck In A Blog (whose image I used!) and Clare from Clare’s Beauty Blog! You should definitely go check them out and enter Clare’s Benefit Giveaway!

Beck’s Questions:

1 – Baths or showers?

I shower most of the time, but sometimes you just can’t beat a good soak in the bath!

2 – Most recent beauty purchase?

I went a bit mental, so I wrote a haul post about it! Haha I got things from Boots, Fragrance Direct and The Body Shop, you can read all about it here.

3 – Read the book or watch the movie?

Generally speaking, I’d have to say read the book. But once I’ve read the book I remember the story too well and get annoyed about the changes made for the movie. So if it’s a really really good movie, I’ll watch it instead!

4 – Favourite makeup brand?

I keep getting asked that in these tags and I still don’t really have that one go to make up brand for everything. I like Barry M for nails, although at the moment I’m preferring Ciate and Essie. I like Seventeen for eyeliner and mascara and also Rimmel are great too. See? I can’t just pick one!

5 – Other hobbies outside of blogging?

Since finishing uni, it seems like all my hobbies have stopped again. I really need to get back in to dancing again soon. I also love to read, draw and take photos.

6 – Dream travel destination?

My current 3 dream trips are to go back to Japan, go on safari and to interrail through Italy. But I want to go everywhere.

7 – Three people dead or alive you’d love to spend the day with?

Brendon Urie, Adam Lazarra and Gerrard Way would make an epic trio to hang out with, and be a total emo kid wet dream… But I’d also like to hang out with Dave Grohl or some of my favourite artists like Monet or Van Gogh.

8 – Do you have a beauty product/item you will always repurchase?

Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder is one I always regret trying to find an alternative to, because nothing else seems to shape up! I’m also yet to try anything better than Seventeen’s High Drama liquid eyeliner. Both are incredible products and are under £5, can’t go wrong really!

9 – Favourite TV show?

Grey’s Anatomy is my all time favourite. I can’t wait for the new season to start! I’m also really gutted that True Blood has ended and love Game of Thrones.

10 – Favourite lipstick for a night out?

At the moment, my favourite lipstick is Mac Creme Cup. I haven’t worn it all the much considering how long I’ve owned it, but whenever I wear it, it feels special and is such a beautiful nude pink.

Clare’s Questions:

1. Night out partying or a night in front of the TV?

9/10 I’d go for the night in! I’m not a fan of clubbing, I think it’s really over rated. Why would I want to spend every weekend out in a crowded room, full of strangers, getting drinks spilt down me, where the music is playing so loud you can’t even have a conversation? Oh and I don’t like most pop music so I probably don’t like what’s playing. Yeah I’m old before my time! Haha, I do enjoy going to cocktail bars and pubs and being able to have a conversation and a laugh with friends though.

2. What’s your top item on your wish list?

Beauty wise – The Body Shop’s Vitamin C moisturiser, which is currently out of stock and has been for weeks! Or a Memebox, I’d love to try out the honey one that’s available at the moment.

Fashion wise – I’d probably say Black Milk’s Cherry Blossom black skater dress, although it’s getting pretty cold here in the UK, so I might be better off getting their fleece lined leggings!

3. Favorite designer?

I’m not really into the big fashion designers, because I know I’ll never afford them!

4. What’s your signature make up look?

Neutral eyeshadow, big black eyeliner with flicks, lots of volumising mascara and a nude lip.

5. Favorite candle sent?

Yankee Candle’s black cherry is my all time favourite, but I also love the forbidden fruits range by Party Lite.

6. Book or kindle person?

Books, but I have a kindle. They’re just so much more practical for travelling.

7. Best film you have watched recently?

I’m quite behind on films at the moment. Most recently I’ve watched Sin City 2 and American Hustle. Both were good for different reasons, but I surprisingly preferred American Hustle.

8. Favourite clothes shop?

Black Milk Clothing of course!

9. Favorite comedian?

Jack Whitehall. I’m still gutted that I had to sell my tickets to see him in March. One day I’ll get to see him live!

10. Who is your hero?

My Nanny.

My nominations

Anomalous Me Beauty
Anxiously Bold
Reify Love
Two Little Owls

My Questions

1. What’s your most recent purchase?
2. If you could get one product for free, what would you choose and why?
3. What’s you’re favourite nail varnish?
4. What’s your hair saviour?
5. What is your favourite piece of clothing?
6. What’s your favourite candle scent?
7. What are you most excited for this Autumn?
8. What’s your go to fragrance?
9.What drink do you order at a coffee shop?
10. Do you think you’ll still be blogging in five years?


20 responses to “The ‘Super Fun Time Excellence Good Nice Blogger Fancy Person’ Award

  1. Oh my goddd where did you go in japan? That’s my number 1 travel destination at the moment, I’d love to go there! X


    • I went to Tokyo for 5 days in Feb. It was amazing! But no where near long enough to experience every thing properly. Whilst we were there, we took a train out to Kamakurra to see the traditional shrines which was really cool :)
      I wanna go back for 3 weeks, do 2 weeks in Tokyo, and a week between Mount Fiji and the Bamboo forests! I want to see the cherry blossoms too! x


      • Ah that sounds similar to what I want to do when I go, I also want to check out Kyoto too cos it sounds AWESOME! X


      • If I could afford an extra week then I probably would go to one of the other cities too! Oh and ofc I NEED to go to the Pokemon centre. And probably Disneyland for a day x) x


      • OMG to go to the Pokemon centre is like my lifelong dream haha definitely got to do that if you go again!


      • It’s really high up my list, as I was gutted I didn’t have time to go to it when I went! Our hotel was in Ikebukuro, so it was really far out of the way to go there! But it definitely needs to happen! The Studio Ghibli museum was amazing though, I’d definitely recommend that :) x


      • Oh yeah I want to go there too!
        It’s crazy how big Tokyo is, isn’t it?
        Ah I want to go some much!! X


      • It’s huge! And it’s really odd cause no one lives in the centre so all of a sudden about 11pm it goes from bustling to dead cause everyone has to get back to the outskirts! X


      • Is the metro system not 24 hours then? X


      • I’m not sure, we didn’t try to use it in the early hours! It’s such a big network and it’s so efficient too, makes getting around really easy and you can buy a passmo (oyster) out the ticket machines which make it really cheap x


      • Ah that’s good it’s so efficient and easy to use – especially as I can’t read Japanese!! I was tempted to learn (speech) before I went as I learnt some Russian when I went to Moscow and it helped a lot! X


      • They have electronic displays on the train which tell you where you are in Japanese, kanji and English. I knew no English when I went and it was a bit of a struggle, mostly when it came to food! I hate seafood so we would only go places that had an English translation and there wasn’t many!x


      • Sounds a bit like China! I love Japanese food! Apart from their squid and octopus dishes. I just couldn’t eat that without puking lol
        That’s good they have English on the metro – phew! :) x


      • I’ve never been to China! Tokyo was my first out of Europe/USA travel experience and it was an eye opener on the amount of English spoken and on things. Sounds a bit narrow minded, but when you have only been to Europe, English is everywhere! I can’t wait to get a full time job and to start saving to go back and do it properly. I’m gonna be much better prepared this time! x


      • Yeah it must have been a culture shock – as China was for me! Literally no English anywhere haha but it’s so cool going to those countries as it is just SO different and makes you feel as if you’re in another world :) x


      • It was! But now I know if I’m travelling out of the EU then I need to prepare more and I probably should’ve taken a pocket guide with me that had some translations in so I could at least try and eat in some other restaurants and things! x


  2. I just love the black cherry Yankee candle!! Great answers and thanks for the nomination lovely. :) xx


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