September You Beauty Discovery Box First Impressions


So time for the second post of the day! A first for me, but as with the Birchbox, this beauty box arrived on Friday evening (at the same time actually) and I’ve only got to have a proper look at it today.

You Beauty Discovery is a sample based beauty monthly subscription service. The main difference between this and other beauty boxes is that each month a list of products are released and members get to select two items they wish to try out. Other items are then added in so you still get a surprise through the door each month. The packaging is clean and simple, but still attractive. This month is their first birthday, so they have included a bonus item in every box!



What was in my box?

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Oyster Glow

This is the first of my chosen items. These come in loads of colours, but from the YBD website, it looks like three shades were available in this month’s box – Black Cocoa (which is brown), True Teal and Oyster Glow – but you don’t get to chose the shade. These pencils are described as a liquid eyeliner with the ease of application of a pencil. They’re waterproof and smudge proof. I put a small amount of this on my hand to test the colour, which is a nude champagne shade designed for highlighting and within seconds it had set. It doesn’t feel at all drying and when I rub my finger over it is doesn’t smudge at all! I have to say I’m pretty impressed with that. This is a sample sized 0.8g pencil, a full sized is 1.2g and retails at £11-12 but there’s also a kit of 5 available for £16.50. Although Oyster Glow wouldn’t have been my first colour choice, I am really impressed with the pencil so far and want to see how it will work with my usual make up look and if its lasting ability is a good as it claims. If so, £11 for a black one would be well worth the money in my opinion!

Germaine de Capuccini Excel Therapy Continuous Defence Cream & Multi Regengerating Rose Hip Oil

This was my second selection and contains a 5ml sample of the defence cream (blue tub) and a 3ml sample of the rose hip oil (white box). I chose this because of the oil. I’ve heard it’s really popular in New Zealand and it’s meant to be great for hydrating the skin, stretch marks, dark spots and for mature, aged skin. The cream is rich in oxygen and is said to revitalised and nourish skin for a more youthful appearance. A full sized Rose Hip Oil is £34.95 for 30ml and a 50ml tub of the cream is £51.50. These are way more expensive products than I usually buy so I’m interested in trying them out and seeing if they can really be worth such a hefty price tag!

Toni & Guy Volume Plumping Whip

This is the bonus birthday item and is a full sized 90ml pot worth £7.19! For a sample box, this is such a great item to be included and is worth more than the box costs. I don’t think I’ve ever tried any Toni & Guy products before, so I’m interested to see if this lives up to the hype. Volume isn’t a problem for me though, as I have naturally thick, curly hair which loves to be fluffy, but sometimes it does get a bit flat or refuse to style properly into and up-do so I think I will get some use out of this. It smells nice and seems easy enough to use (just rub into roots before blow drying) so I’ll be giving that a go.

Make Up Sponge

This is an unbranded basic make up sponge like you get in powder compacts. They do come in useful, but I have stopped using them since I got my kabuki brush. However, its good to have one around. You can get packs of three in Boots, etc. for about £2.

Crabtree & Evelyn Tea Bags

I also got two individually wrapped tea bags in my box. The flavours I received were Afternoon Tea and Blackberry Green Tea. I don’t like normal tea, so I think my mum will be having that, but I do like green tea so I’ll give the blackberry one a go at some point. These are nice little extras, because who doesn’t like to relax with a drink whilst doing their nails or something?

Hello Fresh £25 Voucher

This I thought was a pretty random inclusion and I’ve never heard of Hello Fresh before so I had to look them up. They’re a food delivery service, which sends produce to your door from a chosen menu plan for you to then make yourself. Prices start from £39 for 3 meals delivered for 2 people. You don’t get to chose your meals but you can swap one from the delivery.

And that’s everything from my box! I got this box free with a promotional code, I saw it advertised on a facebook page (not endorsed by the company) as free, saying I could cancel after a month, which isn’t true – its a 3 for 2, but the first one is free. A month’s membership is £6.95 including P+P. This is the code I used:


However, I am still happy with the box I received.  Being able to select two products out of a list of ten is great, as you can avoid being sent something you’ve tried before or that is unsuitable for you – e.g. they had brunette shampoo this month, clearly not for me. The value of my box is about £25, not including the gift voucher, which is pretty good for a £6.95 box!

I hope you’re liking all the beauty box posts, because according to my tracking information, my Glossybox will be here tomorrow so keep an eye out for that too!


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