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Weekly Weigh-In 11

Weekly Weigh In 11

Hello again! As previously mentioned, I missed last week’s weigh-in due to being in Brittany/Portsmouth with my family.
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Weekly Weigh-In 9

Weekly Weigh In 9

I’ve been doing pretty well with what I’ve been eating for the most part this week. I can’t deny I had a bit of a chocolate binge though, but I’m blaming that on shark week and also justifying it because I needed to make sure my iron levels were good to donate blood yesterday.
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Weekly Weigh-In 8

Weekly Weigh In 8

I have been completely obsessed with the scales this week, I’m talking weighing myself at least once a day. Not really sure what I excepted to change weighing myself the second time but there you go!
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Weekly Weigh-In 7

Weekly Weigh In 7

How am I already at week 8?! Have I really been trying to lose weight for 2months? No, actually 7weeks, which makes me feel slightly better about my minimal progress. I’m gonna call this week 7 and the first weigh in week 0 from now on. I think that makes a bit more sense. Slight freak out over, I didn’t post yesterday as I had a friend come to stay, which was so nice! But the weigh-in is from then I just didn’t get chance to do my write up.
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Weekly Weigh-In 4

Weekly Weigh In Title Template

I know, I know. I missed a week! In my defence, I was away that weekend and tried to weigh myself at my parents but their scales are completely out.
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Weekly Weigh-In 2

Weekly Weigh In 2

Well I’ve been a bit absent from the blog this past week, which I apologise for. It’s been a terrible week, filled with lots of stress and stress-eating and not enough sleep.
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Starting Over & Weekly Weigh-In 1

Weekly Weigh In 1

This is a post I’ve been thinking about writing for the past few months and really wish I’d written sooner. My weight has been something I’ve struggled with since Sixth Form, I lost weight at uni but since it’s piled back on and now I’m back where I started. Worse, actually.
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