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It’s moving day!

uphouseI promised I would update you guys about my living situation, after announcing last month about my landlord’s surprised decision to hand me my notice. Well the good news is I found a place!
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Life Update

Life Update

As many of you are aware, I moved to Reading at the beginning of March to start my first full time job in my degree field. I had my first review this week and am so pleased with how well I am doing there! However, things aren’t going quite so well in my personal life.
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My 2015 Life Goals


For some reason, I really don’t like the idea of New Years Resolutions, but will happily think of some goals for the upcoming year. I think the difference is that a resolution is an idea people have that they then don’t stick to (e.g. stop swearing) whereas a goal is an achievable target. Am I the only one who thinks this?
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Is My Degree Worthless?


So this is an unscheduled post (read: rant…) that I have been debating writing for some time now, but today I have decided it’s time to get this off my chest because I am deeply unhappy.

As you may be aware, I graduated this summer with a 2:1 in BA (Hons) Graphic Communications from a good university with good employment ratings in a field where there are still a fair amount of jobs going despite the recession. And yet, here I am, almost five months later, having just been rejected for yet another design job and feeling incredibly frustrated, stressed and plain old fed up. Keep reading