It’s moving day!

uphouseI promised I would update you guys about my living situation, after announcing last month about my landlord’s surprised decision to hand me my notice. Well the good news is I found a place!

The reason I didn’t update you guys sooner, is because I only viewed this place on Friday! So it’s been a pretty quick turn around. Yes I ended up cutting it pretty fine for my end of the month deadline to move out, but I didn’t want to end up in a similar situation and I am glad I held out.

It took a lot of time and caused me a lot of stress, but today I am so pleased to be moving into a flat with a lovely new housemate! When first told I had to move, I didn’t want to, but I now believe this will be better for me as I haven’t been happy where I am and I’m going to a more sociable place, in a better location, that’s a bit more affordable. At this moment in time I really can’t see any downsides to it in the long run.

The only slight issue, which I’m sure you will all forgive me for, is that there is currently no internet in the flat. I’ve been so busy searching and even made myself ill from the stress of finding a place, that I unfortunately haven’t had chance to write up and schedule posts to cover this. I’m told the internet should be set up in about a week, which isn’t too bad. However, I’m going away in a week and a half! Hopefully I can sort something out and not leave my blog empty for so long. Maybe get some people to write guest posts? What do you think?

Anyway, thank you for sticking with me through this. It’s been an incredibly difficult couple of months for me, but with this move (my 6th in 4 years by the way, my 3rd in the past 13 months)  I am hoping that I will finally start to feel more settled into Reading as a town.


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9 responses to “It’s moving day!

  1. Hope you’re feeling better, if there’s anything I can do let me know. A few days away will hopefully de-stress you after the move and you’ll feel ready to settle in when you get back! xxx


    • Thank you! Feeling better already from being here. My new housemate has made me feel so welcome already 😊 I’ve only unpacked like 1/3 of my stuff ATM as it was an unfurnished room so going to have to shift a wardrobe at the weekend and then buy a bookshelf when I can get to ikea before I can unpack everything! So looking forward to the weekend and having time to read in the bath and just relax!x

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  2. Congrats on finding a new place! It’s kind of fun to set everything up all fresh and perfect!


  3. Moving is so stressful! I feel you. Once upon a time I moved 7 times in 7 years! You shouldn’t worry about your blog being dormant – it’s the summer months any way, I notice it’s more quite these days. Good luck settling in!


    • Thank you! I feel like I’ve made progress with it the past couple of months and don’t want to go backwards! I don’t like it being empty but I really can’t update it properly without having wifi for my laptop! I’m all moved in now but haven’t got a wardrobe yet so I’m only half unpacked ha x

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  4. I saw on Facebook that you found a new place, and I’m glad that you’re really happy there :)


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