Salcura Antiac Daily Facial Wash Review


Today I’m going to be talking about a product with a RRP of £9.99 which I got for 99p through an offer advertised on facebook. I can’t find that this is still active, which is a shame if not but it’s a product worth talking about anyway. The product in question is the Salcura Antiac Daily Facial Wash, which I bought because my skin has been breaking out a lot and has been rather painfully lately.

Edit: I found it! Click here to get the offer.

I hadn’t heard of Salcura before the ad popped up on my timeline, so I was a bit skeptical. There’s been plenty of paid ads that have been scams in the past, so I googled them and saw the products listed and well reviewed on sites like Boots. Feeling reassured, I decided to take the plunge. After all, it was only 99p (delivery was free as part of the promotion) and I was feeling pretty down about my skin. What did I have to lose?

The face wash is free from nasties and is 98% natural ingredients. Here’s the list of things they don’t include from the site: parabens, steroids, antibiotics, hormones, lanolin, cortisones, soaps, phthalates and peroxides. The active ingredients in it are sea buckthorn, aloe vera, sunflower and  rosemary.

I placed my order on Sunday and received it on Tuesday. It says to use it morning and evening for maximum effectiveness. I have been using it at least once a day since, but not being too strict on using it twice a day as it does contain alcohol. I have super sensitive skin, which often reacts more strongly to alcohol than others. In the past, using alcohol based products regularly has really dried out my skin, causing my skin to over compensate in sebum production. I currently have a pretty good skin care routine in place for moisturiser, so it’s been okay!


Using the product is as simple as you’d expect – wash face, rub cleanser in and then rinse off. It’s quite runny, in fact too runny for a tube I’d say. It pours out as soon you as open it so I have been wasting a fair bit of product, a pump would be better! But that’s my one complaint really, the alcohol stings any open spots and leaves skin feeling a tad tight and dry as can only be expected. To counter this, I use my micellar water afterwards to ensure there’s no soapy residue and then moisturise as normal.

As for effectiveness, Salcura have a 30 days satisfaction guarantee on their website and I can already tell I won’t be needing this! In the past few days I have noticed a reduction in redness and swelling where I have a lot of under the skin and large spots. It has also helped to pull the spots and blackheads to the surface quicker than usual, so I’m confident that my skin will clear up further in the next week. I wish I’d taken pictures to show you just how much difference its made!

I’m still a long way off having perfect skin and am now starting to get some dry patches from using it so much and from where the spots are healing up. My intention now is to keep using this once a day and use a different cleanser in the evening to prevent my skin from getting too dry.

Overall, I am very pleased that I picked this up! I mean who wouldn’t be happy with clearer, brighter skin. And all for 99p! Salcura also do other specialist skincare products for things like eczema, fungal infections and prickly heat, so if you suffer from anything like that, it could be worth having a look at their site!

Have you heard of Salcura before? What d0 you think of them?


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2 responses to “Salcura Antiac Daily Facial Wash Review

  1. I found an offer like this from Salcura a few years ago for an antiac spray, I got it for ben to use on his scalp as he gets bad spots constantly, and it dried them up completely. Didn’t know they did a face wash too – but can imagine it’s good! x

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  2. Hey Rach – Salcura do SLS free shampoos and conditioners! I’ve tried them out and I am working on a review to publish soon, they’re pricey though like the Liz Earle stuff :(
    But when looking around their website I was definitely intrigued by this and their antiac cream? May have to try this offer! :) xx


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