The Melt Crowd July Review

TMC July

The Melt Crowd is a brand new subscription service from Flamingo Candles. Well, I say brand new, this is their second month. I sadly discovered it one day too late to get my hands on June’s box (which was a capped number for their first month and sold out before release!) so I’ve been waiting pretty impatiently for this for the last month… But boy oh boy was it worth it!

Like a lot of beauty lovers, I’m also a big fan of candles. I like that they look and smell pretty, as well as the homely feeling they give to a space. I had never tried wax melts before, but received a Flamingo Candles one in my last Pink Parcel. It smelt divine and I was eager to give it a go so went looking for a wax burner. I confess I got confused about whether an oil burner is suitable for wax tarts and thought spending £6-8 on one in the supermarket was quite a lot when I only had the one tart. So I decided to look at how much the wax melts cost from FC and was delighted to see this new subscription box advertised on their site.


If you’re not familiar with Flamingo Candles, they’re a British company who make soy candles and melts by hand. I hadn’t tried anything from them before, but had seen great reviews and had taken the opportunity to sniff a few candles I found in a London gift shop several months back.

It came packaged in the lovely little brown box you see above, perfect for fitting through the letter box. Here’s what was inside:

IMG_3435 IMG_3436

Each month FC picks eight wax melts to send out to their subscribers. These are kept a surprise, so you don’t know what you’ll get until it arrives. What’s more, they say there won’t be any repeats until the third month. They come beautifully packaged in tissue paper, which doesn’t stop the aromas from hitting you as soon as you open the box! On the back of the postcard shown above is a list of the different scents included, some of which are Melt Crowd exclusives.

July’s tarts are a lovely mixture of fruity, sweet and refreshing scents, picked to match the time of year.
Top L-R: Raspberry & Salted Caramel; Cucumber & Melon; Mojito; Green Tomato Leaf (exclusive)
Bottom L-R: Lemon Curd; Oriental Lotus & Rose Otto; Pink Lemonade; Island Breeze (exclusive)

As if this wasn’t enough, Flamingo Candles are also sending out a free wax burner with your first month. These seem to come in black or white with a variety of coloured tops. Somehow the lovely people over at FC knew my favourite colour was green and sent me a white & lime green burner which goes perfectly with my room! Lucky me! Subscribers also get sent an exclusive discount code to use on the site to stock up on their favourites.

IMG_3437 IMG_3433

I was super impressed with the speed of delivery too. All UK orders are sent via Royal Mail’s 48hour service – mine was dispatched on Wednesday evening and I received it Friday morning.

So right about now I expect you’re wondering how much this box set me back. After all, I’ve got eight lovely scent melts which retail for £2 each and a wax burner, beautifully packaged and delivered super quick. This is possibly the best part because it is such great value for money – £10! That’s it! £10 a month including the P&P. The contents of the box plus delivery have a retail value of £18.95 each month, plus you get a burner free with your first month. All you need otherwise are some unscented tea lights which you can buy a bag of pretty cheaply in your local supermarket.

IMG_3442 IMG_3443

Using the wax melts couldn’t be simpler, I put half of Pink Lemonade into the top of my burner, lit the candle underneath and within minutes the tart had melted and my room was smelling of strawberries, lemons and sherbet – yum! According t0 FC, scent melts last for approximately 30 hours, which is a lot of burn time for the price compared to an ordinary candle. Another difference worth mentioning is that the wax won’t disappear as a candle will, it is used up when the scent is gone but there will be wax left over to throw away.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with my box, burner and the service I received. I really think this is the best way to introduce yourself or a friend to wax melts – wouldn’t this make such a lovely gift? Flamingo Candles have put together a wonderful box which offers a fun way to try their products and get to have some exclusives. I know I’m going to enjoy burning my way through all the different melts I got sent this month and I am already excited to see what next month’s box will bring! I’m also dreaming of what beautiful seasonal scents they’ll have in Autumn – I’m hoping for spiced pumpkin in October for Halloween!

What do you think of The Melt Crowd?


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7 responses to “The Melt Crowd July Review

  1. Still not seeing your posts in WP reader :( – I’ve unfollwed and refollowed, hopefully that will sort it!
    I may have to subscribe to this – although it sounds like more than I would get through in a month – if they last 30 hours each! Is there any refferal codes that you’re aware of so you can get some credit?


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