My Beauty Wish List


I can’t really afford to go splurging this month due to moving house, but that hasn’t stopped me from dreaming (read: drooling) about some products I’ve seen a lot of lately!

Beauty Wish List

  1. Magnitone Lucid in Dazzling Blue – £69.99
  2. Spectrum Glam Clam Makeup Brushes – £59.99
  3. Rimmel Brow This Way in Dark Brown – £3.99
  4. Simple Micellar Water & Micellar Wipes – £4.49 & £3.99
  5. Eucerin Sun Fluid SPF 50 for face – £16
  6. Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts in Peachy Pink Kisses – £4.99
  7. Real Techniques Setting Brush – £7.99
  8. Arctic Fox Hair Dye in Poison 8oz – $13.99
  9. Superdrug Rapid-Pedi Electronic Foot File – £29.99

I have spot prone skin that’s starting to get a bit dry now that the weather’s heating up, so I think the Magnitone Lucid could really improve things – plus it has a sensitive setting! I’ve seen so many great reviews of these lately and I just love the bright blue. Anyone want to buy me this? No?

The Spectrum makeup brushes I confess that I want soley because of how pretty they are, which means I can in no way justify getting them right now. The Rimmel brow gel I do actually need as I’m running out of my current brow gel and this seems like a very good, more affordable version of what I’ve got! I’ve also seen a lot of good reviews for the Simple micellar water and am curious as to whether it’ll live up to my beloved Garnier one.

The sun protection I don’t think really needs much justification – I’m naturally ginger, burn easily & never put sun cream on my face cause it feels gross, so getting some specifically for my face seems like the way to go. I’ve had my eye on the Makeup Revolution blushing hearts for a while, as sometimes powder blusher is just easier and its super pretty! I want the Real Techniques brush for blusher as I currently don’t have one. Yes I know its the setting brush, not their blusher brush, but I want something small I can have a lot of control over that will be good for blending cream blush as well as applying powder blush.

Next is a new American vegan hairdye I keep seeing on instagram! They’re pretty affordable compared to other dyes like it (except you know that I’m in the UK & the shipping etc to get it here is a fair amount) and its meant to last amazingly well and smell gorgeous. I’m currently concerned about how much using permanent dye is damaging my hair, even though I use 10vol for the already dyed parts, my colour fade leaves me basically blonde!

Lastly is an electric foot file from Superdrug. Now I know no-one likes to talk about feet but it is sandal weather and I suffer from dry/hard skin. I think something like this would make it much quicker and easier to keep on top of.


Oh, I just realised that this image never opened up in Photoshop when I was making the collage (fail)! It’s gorgeous so I want to include it too! This nail polish is called Bikinis & Martinis and is from NCLA’s summer range Swim Club ($16). Something about this catches my eye everytime I see it and I really really want it. I have a NCLA polish I was gifted which I’m really impressed with, so I’m confident this will be a good buy, the only issue is that I don’t think they’re in the UK! But they are stocked by Douglas drugstore & there’s a store in Amsterdam, so I’m planning on going there during my holiday next month to see if I can get my hands on it!

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them? Anything you’ve been lusting after lately? Let me know!


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*none of these images are mine and I don’t own the rights to them.

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