Weekly Weigh-In 11

Weekly Weigh In 11

Hello again! As previously mentioned, I missed last week’s weigh-in due to being in Brittany/Portsmouth with my family.

My aim for that week was not to gain, which unfortunately didn’t happen. But due to the situation I didn’t really have a huge amount of choice on what I could eat, so I tried to limit my portions which I did well at. I only gained a pound, which considering there was baguette, cheese, quiche and cake being eaten a lot I think is pretty good. So my goal for this week was to lose it. I didn’t really use my calorie counter and ate a lot of chocolate and biscuits in stress eating over the fact that I now have to move house, but I did it anyway!

Starting Weight: 13st 5lb
Today’s Weight: 12st 12lb
Lost This Week: 1lb Total
Weight Loss: 7lb

The scales put me in at 12st 11.6lb this morning, so I’m fairly confident I should be able to start making some proper progress again. To kick start that and to try and break my dependancy on processed food/sugar/chocolate I’m going to try something a little extreme for a few days. I haven’t tried anything like it before and I wouldn’t recommend extreme dieting, but I think I need to give myself a little kick.

So from today until Thursday, I am going to avoid eating pasta, rice and bread. All my carbs will be coming from porridge, fruit and vegetables. My plan is to have either porridge or omelette for breakfast and then have some kind of protein with lot of veg for lunch and dinner with plenty of fruit as snacks. I went shopping yesterday in prep and have started drinking lemon water. I also got apples as they have pectin in which helps to keep you full and bananas and strawberries. This will increase my fruit intake by one piece a day and because I’ll be eating extra veg to replace some other carbs I should be eating quite a bit of them too.  I’ve got Friday off work, so over the long weekend I’m heading back to my parents house and seeing some friends. We’re going to the noodle bar on the Friday for lunch so I’m going to really enjoy that if I manage to stick at this!

What’s your thoughts on cutting out certain foods? Are there any you avoid?


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One response to “Weekly Weigh-In 11

  1. I think you’ve done really well! Even when you’re dieting you’ve still got to have some treats every now and then! It can’t all be fruit and vegetables! Although filling up on a lot of that stuff is obviously really good for you!
    If you’re looking to cut out on things like chocolate and sugar there are things like cereal bars, and low fat biscuits you can buy that are pretty healthy, but still have a little bit of chocolate in them so you get your sweet fix. I eat a lot of Special K chocolate cereal bars. Although it’s not the same as having a proper bar of chocolate, they’re quite nice, and because I absolutely love chocolate, it works to keep my cravings down a little.
    If you can go for a couple of weeks or so without eating processed food and chocolatey sugary stuff, you’ll find it so much easier to go without them! I used to be able to eat at least the equivalent of one of those large dairy milk bars a day, but 6-7 weeks without it and I don’t particularly miss it! :D I won’t lie though it was super hard at first, and I nearly gave up so many times, but it’s well worth it!
    Good luck!

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