Freedom Makeup Haul & First Impressions


There’s a brand spanking new makeup company on the block – Freedom Makeup. Owned by the much loved and highly affordable Makeup Revolution, Freedom Makeup are the professional sister company. When they launch last week they had not one, but two promotions running and I thought it would be rude not to take a look at the site at least. Upon seeing that the prices were equally as good as Revolution, I couldn’t resist a little haul!


First things first, a quick mention to the packaging! What I hate most about ordering makeup and other breakable items online is that my postie has a terrible habit of throwing them over my fence, so protective packaging is an essential for me. As you can see there is a lot of bubble wrap keeping my purchases safe and I am happy to report that nothing was damaged during their drop.


During their launch week, Freedom had free delivery when you spent £15 or more and for the whole of June there’s also a 20% discount code running. I took advantage of both, paying a total of £12.40 for 10 items delivered. Bargain! I have to confess, I ordered pretty late at night and then had a busy week and totally forgot what I had bought! It was a nice surprise to see what past me had picked out for myself!



No matter how many times I tell myself I don’t need any more nail polish, more seem to end up in my stash. At £1 each, I couldn’t really resist trying the Pro Impact Nails out, but I was slightly disappointed by the shade range. As they’ve only just launched, the shades stuck to the safer options with lots of nudes and reds, with some spring pastels and summer brights mixed in. Here’s looking forward to seeing what colours they expand with, I’m hoping for some richer jewel tones. On the left is shade 401 and on the right is 423. Whilst writing this post, I decided to paint my nails. Here they are in all their freshly painted, messy glory. (Considering I can draw and paint pretty well, its always shocked my friends how bad I am at painting my nails!)


When I unwrapped this bottle, I was really confused as to why I bought myself a lavender nail varnish. Sure, I don’t have one, but that’s out of choice, I prefer deeper colours to pastels although I have been branching out a bit and liking how some pastels colours look against my skin tone and this is no exception. It applied well, going full opaque with even coverage in two coats. Shine was okay (I’ve got a topcoat on here), but what really blew me away was the colour. Out of the bottle, this is a purple with dusky pink undertones that is a beautiful nude/pastel nails with a difference. I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this!



I haven’t had a new concealer in ages, but the Pro Conceal and Correct in Light looks like it is pale enough for my skin and is only £1.50. I like the packaging and I’m looking forward to giving it a try. I also got a new Pressed Powder in Transluscent because I’ve hit the pan on my trusty Rimmel. I’ve seen great reviews of Makeup Revolutions one, but can never find it in stock at my local Superdrug, so figured I might as well try Freedom’s one instead. At £2, its a bit cheaper than Rimmel, but the same price as MUR. I tried this out yesterday and it kept my makeup in place despite the humidity, so we’re off to a good start!



I liked the lip products I tried from Makeup Revolution, so spent a while looking through the range Freedom had to offer. I picked up two Pro Lipsticks at £1 each and a Pro Melts Lipgloss, which is one of the more pricey items available at £3. From left to right we have 113 Whispers from the Bare line, 116 Game On from the Now line and Up which is a cross between a liquid lipstick and a lipgloss. I wore the Pro Melt to work yesterday and I have to say I am really impressed with the pigmentation and shine! The gloss lasted for about an hour, then I had a coffee and ruined it (not transfer proof!) but it did leave a lovely stain behind, which lasted hours! From my swatches, Whispers looks a lot more orange than on the website and bare looks beautiful. I can’t wait to try these out properly.


IMG_3354 IMG_3355

The very first item that made it into my basket was the Pro Shade and Brighten Stunning Rose Kit, which is the mini palette full of beautiful pink toned nude eyeshadows. This bad boy reminded me of the Naked palette dupes MUR offer, but with the compactness of the Collection palettes. Figuring that the eyeshadow quality had to be at least as good as MUR (aka amazing!) and taking into account that this is a whole £2.50!! you can see why I snapped this up. So perfect for my holiday in August, as it’ll take up next to no space.

I also grabbed a Mono Eyeshadow in Nude 207 because I have been wanting a taupe eyeshadow. This again I wore to work yesterday and it lasted all day with my primer. It’s really pigmented, but blended out beautifully to a really subtle shade that I think looks great against my eye colour. This was also £1.

The final item I bought was the Pro Line Ultra Black Eyeliner for £1.50, because I adore eyeliner and this was not only super cheap but is one where you can hold close to the nib. I think that’s very important for control. I was surprised that this has a plasticy applicator, I was expecting a brush or a sponge, which is taking a little getting used to. Again, I’ve only used it once so I think the trick is to use it quite flat to the eye so that the point doesn’t create an uneven streak through the colour – it is otherwise very pigmented and has lasted a slightly weepy day with a small amount of wear on my flicks.


And to finish, here is the mandatory selfie I took before going to work yesterday so you can see what all those products actually looked like on! Here I am wearing the pressed powder in translucent, mono eyeshadow in 207, eyeliner and pro melts lipgloss in up.

So far, I am really impressed with Freedom Makeup and I can see them being a big hit. My only minor complaint, other than the nail varnish shade range, is that its not available to buy through the same website as Makeup Revolution and I Heart Makeup. They are all essentially the same company who sell products over two websites, which I just think its a bit confusing. Plus both sites charge for shipping unless you spend over £30 and I would be more likely to spend the £30 if I could pick and choose the items I wanted across all the brands.

Have you tried Freedom Makeup? What do you think of the brand?


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10 responses to “Freedom Makeup Haul & First Impressions

  1. Yay I like your picks! Love the makeup revolution powder – I should have picked this up to compare if they’re the same thing, kept toying with the eyeliner I must have put it in and out several times – think I’ll be going back for more… Not til the end of the month though – atleast! X


  2. This line looks wonderful and so inexpensive! I just read about this on Rachael’s blog. I think your choice of lavender polish looks great – even though it’s out of your normal comfort zone! I’m interested in seeing how the concealer and eye shadow palette perform.


    • Thanks! I am actually really liking it so far, suits my skin tone way better than a brown toned nude I think. I’m giving the palette and concealer a test today, so far so good! They both applied really well and the colours of the shadows are so beautiful and definitely up to the pigmentation standards of MUR. Are you thinking of placing an order?x

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m on a no-buy! Also, since this is from the UK, any savings on the makeup products will be offset by shipping charges to ship to Canada! :P I will one day make it back to your shores, and I will bring an empty suitcase to bring all the makeup goodies home! :D


      • Ahh then you will have permission to go crazy when you do! Maybe you could do an international beauty swap when you finish your no buy? Must be products you can get that we can’t here!x


  3. I’ve been looking at the makeup but didn’t know where to start, I’m probably going to make an order some time in June with the 20%. Trying not to buy makeup this month but with that offer it seems a bit silly to wait till July to get anything. I can’t decide between ordering from MUR or here though. The concealer looks good, I find a lot are too dark and come up yellow for me but that sounds promising.


    • It’s pretty tough to pick between the two brands tbh! They’re both so similar and the same price, so really I guess it depends on what products your after. MUR have an amazing range of eyeshadow and blusher palettes and have 3 for 2 on them quite a lot, but then as you say 20% off everything is really good. The concealer is a touch yellow compared to others I’ve had, but not too yellow at all x


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