A Little Me Time

Me Time

This week has been really busy at work and by far the most hectic since I started my job three months ago. By Thursday, I was feeling like I looked a complete mess so I took some time out that evening to have a little pamper session.


The first step was pretty simple – remove my makeup and apply a face mask. Having had my makeup on for the best part of 10hours I was feeling a bit grimy, so cleansing my skin and applying the Lush Cosmetic Warrior mask really freshened me up – plus it helps to reduce the redness of any spots.

Whilst the mask was drying, I did a bit of yoga which is a new thing I’m trying out. I’m trying to follow this 30 days of yoga challenge, but its way tougher than I expected, so I think I’m going to try some beginners videos. The first video is great for stretching out any knots and as I was feeling really stiff from sitting at the computer all day and couldn’t have a bath (I don’t have one where I live!) I decided to go back to the first day of the challenge.

After that I had a lovely long shower and smothered myself in moisturiser when I got out. It felt so good to wake up the next day to such soft skin! I love the scent of The Body Shop’s Peach Body Butter, its lovely and fruity without being too heavy.

On Friday, I also broke my self imposed straightener ban because I had had enough of unruly hair. It was such a treat to have straight hair and I felt so much more put together that day at work.

In the evening, I sorted out my nails having broken almost all of them during the week. I then rummaged through my nail varnishes and picked out some forgotten about shades. Pictured are Essie Mojito Madness and Ciate Fly With Me, I went for Essie this time but I know what I’m using next week!

Finally I broke out a foot file and applied some Soap and Glory Heel Genius overnight in a bid to sort out my feet. I am unfortunate to get bad dry skin all year round and it builds up on pressure points which can get pretty painful, so when I say that Heel Genius is good, you can believe me! It really penetrates into the skin and leaves it so much softer and let’s face it, no-one wants horrible feet during sandal season!

What do you do to relax and pamper yourself?


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9 responses to “A Little Me Time

  1. I need some of that Essie shade in my life 😍


  2. I’ve heard so much about the S&G Heel genius, I really need to give it a go!


  3. Always good to pamper yourself.


  4. That Peach Body Butter looks delicious!!!!!


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