May Pink Parcel First Impressions

May PP

I am aware that it is now June, but I have once again had issues with getting my Pink Parcel order. This is the second time (out of two boxes!) that I’ve had the issue, but I really want to love them.

I have been assured by the team at Pink Parcel that the reason for my issues is that they have a new super fancy system that can’t seem to handle that people (myself included) took advantage of a free box offer a few months back. They say this issue is now resolved and I guess only future months will tell. For now, I’m planning on skipping June’s to be able to use the contents of this box. And yet again, it is such a great box! Plus the customer services team are really lovely and due to the system issue (it kept changing my dates, so my dispatch got skipped 3 times!) they sent me this box for free as a goodwill gesture!


As usual, the box contains a few different sections containing Always towels for bedtime, in your bag and for later. Or you could have tampons if you prefer. I found that I get more than enough towels for my cycle. But the exciting part is the for you box, which contains some beauty and other treats to make that time of the month more bearable.




The three beauty related items this month are a 50ml bottle of L’Occitane Essential Water, Anatomicals Off With Their Head Face Mask and a 100ml bottle of Richard Ward HydraSlim Shampoo. The essential water is an alcohol free acidic toner which aims to hydrate and smooth the skin (200ml £18), which I am intrigued to see if my sensitive skin copes with. I am a big fan of the Anatomicals products I’ve tried and an anti-blackhead face mask is right up my street! This is a presoaked cloth mask that will be really easy to apply and costs €3. If this is good, I might just have to place an international order for more… And finally we have the shampoo, which unfortunately contains sulphate so I won’t be trying. It aims to provide sleekness and hydration (£16 for 300ml).



I like to call the non-beauty items in Pink Parcels comfort items, as there is always a hot drink, bar of chocolate and an extra such as bath bombs. This time I’ve got a sachet of Sea Salted Caramel Drinking Fudge, that I want to devour because I love fudge, hot chocolate and salted caramel and this is all of those things rolled into one! (6 sachets for £10) To accompany that is more deliciousness, in the form of a 30g Montezuma’s Butterscotch Milk Chocolate bar which has a lovely high cocoa content. (£2.39 for 100g) And the final item is one I smelt as soon as I opened my box – a Mango & Dragonfruit Scent Melt (£2). Flamingo Candles are pretty popular, but I haven’t tried them or wax melts before, so I’m excited to get my hands on this!

This month’s box has a value of approximately £17 plus the sanitary towels. I received around £1.80 of day time pads and £1 worth of night time pads making a grand total of £19.80! I think this month’s Pink Parcel offers really good value for money as the box is usually £9.99 including delivery! Plus they offer your first box for a discounted price of £5.95.

Have you tried Pink Parcel? What do you think of them?


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5 responses to “May Pink Parcel First Impressions

  1. ryanezamora12

    I was immediately drawn to the mask and the drinking fudge!! This looks like so much fun :)
    Also, I just nominated you for the Love/Hate Tag! Check it out:
    :) Can’t wait to read your responses!


  2. I would love to try the anatomicals mask! they always have the best names for their products haha.


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