Weekly Weigh-In 7

Weekly Weigh In 7

How am I already at week 8?! Have I really been trying to lose weight for 2months? No, actually 7weeks, which makes me feel slightly better about my minimal progress. I’m gonna call this week 7 and the first weigh in week 0 from now on. I think that makes a bit more sense. Slight freak out over, I didn’t post yesterday as I had a friend come to stay, which was so nice! But the weigh-in is from then I just didn’t get chance to do my write up.

Now, I have to confess, I haven’t been taking this healthy eating seriously enough and have been going over my calorie count. Add to that my complete lack of exercise and well its amazing I lost any weight at all! I need to stop making excuses, so tonight I’m making a change and am taking up the 30 days of yoga challenge I’ve heard such good things about. I am going to do it tonight before I am allowed to watch Game of Thrones! I also made myself take a full hour lunch break at work today and go for a 20min walk during that even though I wore inappropriate footwear for such activities. Every little bit helps.

Starting Weight: 13st 5lb

Today’s Weight: 13st 0lb

Lost This Week: 0lb

Total Weight Loss: 5lb

Another no progress. Still no gain, which is great, but as I haven’t weighed in on the blog in two weeks I have to say that I did put on last week and only really lost it this week because I had a stomach bug and couldn’t even keep down water for a day. (Overshare?) I did weigh myself once I was feeling better and I did get 1lb below the 13stone mark but that was only due to dehydration and not eating properly for days, so I don’t mind putting that back on, as I am feeling good again, which is far more important.

As of tonight, I have extra motivation! I have booked a holiday to Amsterdam in August! Super excited, but definitely don’t want to look like a blob in my photos, especially with some naturally super skinny friends going too. I’ve got just under 10weeks until I go and I would like to lose a stone in that time. Considering my current rate of progress, it is a bit ambitious, which is why I am going to need to start doing more exercise to achieve it. I need to do the exercise anyway but a little extra motivation never hurt.

What do you do to keep motivated?


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13 responses to “Weekly Weigh-In 7

  1. It really is so hard to stay motivated when loosing weight – I’m so bad at falling off the band wagon! I think getting as active as possible is a really good way to motivate as you feel like you’ve done something – also don’t deny yourself, just keep it in moderation :) Well done on your weight loss so far – keep up the great work Karen xo


    • Thank you Karen! Full of kind words and wisdom as always. Just finished the first yoga video and feeling pretty good about myself for it! 😊 xxxx

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      • Oh that’s fantastic Rach, I’ve heard such good things about Yoga – hope you’re enjoying it :) *hugs* XX


      • It’s a lot more difficult than it seems! But it felt good, got rid of a lot of muscle tension from sitting at a desk all day but gave me achey muscles in other places haha must be doing something!c

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      • Yes, so I’ve heard!!! As long as you’re feeling the benefits of it huni, obv don’t overdo it or you’ll end up like a pretzel lol Sounds great at relieving tension :) XXX


      • I’m following a 30 day programme so it builds up slowly. Plus I’m taking it at my own pace, if something is too much, I’ll stop. Don’t want to do any damage!x


  2. I know it’s hard to stay motivated and keep positive all the time – but just remember you are still 5lb lighter than before! I’ve also learnt from personal experience it’s much better to lose the lbs a bit slower as it means you are much more likely to keep them off! I’ve just reached my target weight, I lost 2.5 stone but it took me almost a year and a half! It’s always good to have a goal/date in mind to keep you focussed though, I’m sure you will do great :) xo


    • So true! I don’t want to rush it and pile it all back on again, I want to be healthier overall. I want to find exercise I enjoy so it’s not a chore but a hobby and to cut down on the amount of sugar in my diet. I’m currently aiming for 2 stone overall, but I haven’t been a healthy weight my adult life so I’m not sure if that’s the final goal!x

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  3. Best wishes! I’m with you…. I lose and gain the same weight over and over! I also have some vacation in August and on a mission to the lose weight for good!


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  5. I think finding yummy alternatives work – one blogger suggested freezing bananas and blending them as then they turn into banana ice cream.. I think stuff like that really helps! I keep falling off the band wagon though, I manage about two weeks of ‘healthy’ eating and then all I crave is cake…
    Becca x


    • Ooo that’s a great idea! Haven’t tried that before, but would be a great way to use up some old bananas. You could try and make a health(ish) cake at home? I still have chocolate everyday because I just can’t cut it out! If I did, I’d end up bingeing and giving up completely 😆 starting to drink more hot chocolate instead of eating bars of the stuff as its a lot less calories 😊 x

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