The Body Shop Haul

TBS Haul

At the weekend, I realised that my Body Shop loyalty card was about to expire and that I had an unclaimed reward. So I decided to take a look in store and see if anything took my fancy as I needed to spend £10 in order to claim the £5 gift.

I spoke to a helpful sales assistant who told me that you can use the £5 reward to pay for the next year’s membership card, which is what I decided to do. For those of you who aren’t familiar, the loyalty card gets you 10% off and a free £5 gift on your birthday. You can also earn two extra gifts by collecting stamps every time you spend £10 – one gift for £5, one for £10 – and you get to choose what you would like your free item to be.


The first thing I always pick up when I go to The Body Shop, is the Strawberry Body Polish. I got the smaller size which is £5. Strawberry is my favourite scent from TBS and this polish is so good at removing dead skin, but is gentle enough for every day use. I love how clean and smooth my skin feels after using this.

There was an offer on the body washes, where you got a second half price. As the body polish was included in this, I figured £2 for one of the amazingly long lasting shower gels was well worth the money. You only need a small amount of these as they foam up so nicely, so these 250ml bottles last ages. I decided to get a different scent, Satsuma, which I haven’t actually had before despite loving citrus scents.


The final product I picked up was one of the new(ish) nail varnishes in the shade Peach Babe £5. I spent a long time deliberating what colour to get, as I have been wanting to try this range out for ages, but have got quite a lot of nail varnish already. I went for Peach Babe, as I only have one other peach shade, which is more of a pastel than this, and I have been enjoying bright nails lately. The application was really good and I am impressed with the pigmentation. I’ve got the top coat from my giveaway on over the top, which has given it a lovely shine.

I don’t think the Strawberry Body Butter really needs much introduction, these are very popular for good reason! I got to the till and was pleasantly surprised to find that they were giving away a travel size tub (£5) with new member sign ups and that I qualified for this despite using my promo to get it.

That’s everything I got this time! What’s your favourite Body Shop product?


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14 responses to “The Body Shop Haul

  1. Absolutely love the strawberry line too! My favourite scent from the body shop :) x


  2. ryanezamora12

    great haulin’!


  3. The strawberry range is beautiful! personally, I prefer their tea-tree section though as it’s more refreshing! x


  4. I love that nail polish! The Body Shop is so yummy. I pass by their store and it’s so delicious smelling.


  5. Oh no, going to have to check out that nail polish line – have never tried any! x

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I love the body polish in Satsuma! I’ve got the body wash in Satsuma, too, but I haven’t gotten the chance to try it yet (as I have so many others that I’m working through…)


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