Empties 7

Empties 7

It’s not been that long since my last Empties post. In fact, I’m writing this up more than a week in advance because I am dying to throw all of this out! (Except the Lush pot, keeping that for their trade in scheme.) Despite having had 11 items in the previous post, I’ve had most of this sitting around for a few weeks already. I used most of it up within a couple of days of blogging the last lot and have only added 1 or 2 since then.

I’ve got 9 things to talk about today. Combined with last month’s post, I have definitely done well at using up things in my stash lately huh? I’ve broken this down into 3 sections. Let’s get started!



The Wella Silvikrin Classic Hairspray £3.29 is one I have been using for absolutely ages. I think my Nanny recommended it to me. Anyway, this can suddenly broke on me, so there’s a lot of product trapped in it. This hasn’t happened to be before using Wella. This is a decent hairspray, which I would repurchase, but I decided to try out something a bit different for a change.

I do really love Batiste, who doesn’t? I wouldn’t normally use the XXL Volume £3.99 one, but my mum wanted to get rid of it, so I happily took it off her hands. I can’t really speak for its volumising properties, because my hair is naturally full, so these products never do anything like that for me. I’ve repurchased the Oriental £2.99 version of this, which looks and smells beautiful. I didn’t really see the point in paying the extra £1 for volume, when it doesn’t do it for me.

My bottle of the L’oreal Mythic Oil was actually a pretty generous 45ml sample size from my September Glossybox. It lasted me ages – 5 months in fact – smelt amazing and was really good for my hair. If I didn’t have another bottle of Argan Oil to use up, I would have repurchased this straight away. But after that’s gone (in several months time, seriously these hair oils are an investment!) I plan on buying this 125ml bottle £16.49 from FeelUnique.



I mentioned at some point that I realised I needed to sort through my perfume collection. I bought a new bottle recently and there’s a fair few bottles that have been kicking around since my 18th birthday. These two are my latest victims.

On the left is the Anna Sui Secret Wish £26, which I honestly know I had before I turned 18, because I know I wanted it for the fairy on top. I genuinely don’t know how long this has been around, but its fair to say my perfume tastes have changed since I got this. Glad to see this gone and I won’t be repurchasing. The second perfume is one I know I was given for my 18th by a friend. It was a really pretty fragrance, but not my favourite so I won’t be repurchasing this either. I’m not sure that they even still do this, as I couldn’t find it!



Now, onto some more good stuff! On the left is the Lush Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask £6.50, which I have already repurchased. This is so good for my spot prone skin and gave me the clearest skin I have had in years. I really need to start using this more regularly again.

Vichy’s Normaderm Night Detox £15 is a firm favourite of mine. This was my first tube of it, which I got back in October and only ran out of last month. I use this every night as it helps to reduce sebum production, take away redness from spots, minimise my pores and oh so much goodness. I repurchase this when I saw it on offer, as I was getting low. Or so I thought, back in January. This tube lasted me so much longer than expected!

The Hand Food £2.50 is another miniature out of the Soap & Glory Christmas gift set I got in the January sale. It’s absolutely lovely. It smells delicate and marshmellowy, absorbs quickly and leaves my hands lovely and soft. If I hadn’t repurchased a big Figs & Rogue hand cream, I would be buying this again. A full sized is £5.50 for 125ml.

And finally, my favourite deodorant, Right Guard Invisible 72H Protection £2.20. I think I feature this like once a month in Empties. I should probably stop including it, but I do genuinely use it a lot and recommend it. This is the best anti-perspirant and deodorant I have tried. Highly recommended now that it’s getting hotter! The only reason I haven’t repurchased this is that it seems to be out of stock in all my local stores at the moment. Major shame.

What products have you used up lately?


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9 responses to “Empties 7

  1. Hello , does the Vichy Night Detox have any effect on acne marks ?


    • I’m not sure! I’m fortunate to not get any acne scars despite having always had spotty skin. Here’s what it claims to do:
      Sebum production is controlled
      Imperfections appear reduced
      Pores tightened
      Radiant complexion
      Even skin texture
      Skin feels clean and fresh
      Sorry I can’t be more help!x

      Liked by 1 person

      • Not at all, it’s very helpful ! I guess the ‘even skin texture’ means good for fading marks :)


      • Hopefully! It’s very good for oil control and reducing redness so definitely worth a try x

        Liked by 1 person

      • I have used most of the Normaderm range with good results so this might work for me. The Anti-aging serum was quite good on marks but dried out my skin..


      • I’ve only tried the night detox from the range, but I’ve seen good reviews of the other products! What would you recommend?x


      • The face wash is very good. It’s soap and parben free but cleans really well. The anti aging serum is very light and has vitamin c. But I don’t think you need it yet :D I did not like the Global Anti-imperfection Hydrating creme as it felt quite thick on my skin and felt like it was clogging my pores…


      • Well I will definitely avoid the hydrating cream! I have a really nice looking Nuxe cleanser I’m yet to try out despite buying in feb so maybe I’ll get the Vichy one in the future but not for a while! Still getting through my lush coalface bar x


      • I usually wait till Boots have a 3 for 2 to buy. I know my last bar of Coalface lasted ages…

        Liked by 1 person

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