What’s In My Shower?


I saw this great post on Lulu’s Beauty Spot a few weeks back and knew as soon as I read it that I wanted to do my own version of it. According to Lulu, this was once a classic blog question, much like what’s in my handbag, but is one I haven’t seen before! Have I completely missed this craze?

What really caught my attention about it, is that I have some products in my shower which aren’t ever really mentioned on my blog otherwise. Afterall, who really wants to read a full review on a shower gel? So I thought that this was a great idea to be able to do some mini product reviews about some very essential products that I use a lot.

IMG_3088 copy

Soap and Glory Glad Hair Day Shampoo £5.50

My latest in a line of sulphate free shampoos I’m trying out, this one is a very strong contender. I’ve been using it for quite a while now and have made a fair dent in the tube, but there’s still loads left, which is great. The smell is incredible and it leaves my hair lovely and clean. I’ve received a few compliments about how shiny my hair is since I started using this and have got my mum to make the switch to sulphate free shampoo with this. She used to have to wash her hair daily, but after one wash with this she went three days without washing. Pretty awesome huh? Definitely worth a try!

Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Diamond Colour Conditioner £4.99

When I bought this, I got it on a great 2 for £5 offer with my much loved hair mask and honestly, I only got it because there was only one tub of the mask left and having two products was actually cheaper than one. But when I used up my last conditioner, I realised that I should take a bit more care with which conditioner I am using, so I’m glad to have something a little pricier than usual to try. So far, I have found that this is quite similar to the mask and might actually be a bit too similar for my hair. If I use the mask too often my hair goes greasy as it is quite an intensive treatment and it is kinda the same for this. I have since tried making extra sure that I’ve fully rinsed all the product out my hair and cut down on how much hair oil I’ve applied after, which seems to be helping. In honesty, this is a pretty rubbish review because I haven’t made up my mind yet.

Directions Hair Dye in Tangerine £3

If you aren’t a regular reader of my blog, you might think orange hair dye is a really weird product to be keeping in my shower, especially as my hair is red. But this is my not so secret reason as to how I keep my colour lasting so long. I mix a bit of this with my conditioner or mask every wash and leave for 5-10mins to replace any colour washed out. Why orange? Because my hair dye fades to pink, and this keeps it red. Anything pink based, makes my hair pinker quicker.

Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Diamond Colour Intensive Mask £5.49

Is anyone sick of me mentioning this mask yet? I love it, its my holy grail, I’m on my third tub. It helps with my split ends and dried out bleached patches, making my hair softer and more manageable. It also helps it grow quicker because it keeps it so healthy. It’s also a really big tub that lasts a long time, has a lovely thick consistency which needs warming up in your hands before it melts through your hair. I also really like its non-scented smell. I can’t describe it. I think I’ve said before that I find it really satisfying that it smells bland and clean, in a good way, so that the products effectiveness is the main sell. Am I making sense? I hope so, but either way I really recommend giving this a go.

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash £6.50

Reasons why I bought this: it smells of lime and was on 3 for 2. Also I had decided to try out some more S&G products after giving some minis ago and realising that although I hadn’t tried a huge amount from them, I had loved everything. I actually got this at the same time and the conditioner and honestly haven’t made much of a dent in the bottle. This time is huge and will last months. Its creamy, foams up well, smells great and a little goes a long way. I use two pumps to do my whole body. Very much worth the money, as it is better value than it seems.

Anatomicals Don’t Just Clean It Woman Scrub It Body Scrub £3.49

I got this in a beauty box in January and I have loved it! In fact, I really like the few items I have tried from this brand and haven’t seen any bad reviews. The main downside seems to be their lack of stockists. According to the Anatomicals website, their products are available at Asda, Tesco and Morrisons, as well as Superdrug, New Look and Asos. Out of all of those, I’ve only ever seen them on Asos and typically this product wasn’t listed. Such a shame, as the brightly coloured packaging and tongue in cheek product names are really awesome and the products themselves perform really, really well. All for an affordable price. I hope they get restocked with all those companies soon.

That’s everything that’s in my shower! What’s your favourite shower product?


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9 responses to “What’s In My Shower?

  1. It’s like your bath products match each other – pink, white and yellow! It must smell divine in your shower! :)


  2. Oh wow – what a shower menu, I reeeeeally need to update my stash of shower goodies! I think I’ve been trying almost every orange/citrus shower gel I can find this weather – have taken a notion to smelling like an orange! lol Great post Rach :D Karen x


  3. lulusbeautyspot

    Loved this! x


  4. Love Soap & Glory! All of the products smell so good!


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