Weekly Weigh-In 4

Weekly Weigh In Title Template

I know, I know. I missed a week! In my defence, I was away that weekend and tried to weigh myself at my parents but their scales are completely out.

I did weigh myself on the Friday before I went & when I was back Tuesday morning. I was really, really good all week at work, but it went out the window with my hectic weekend. Not a surprise at all, as I went for dinner and drink for my friend’s birthday and then to a day festival in Nottingham. It was an awesome weekend, but there was no way I wasn’t going to put on weight from it. Sure I could have made some better choices, but I decided to just enjoy it. On the Friday I was 13st, on the Tuesday, 13st 2lb.

This past week I have been feeling very tired and have been stressing over being miss-paid by my old job. I’ve finally got them to agree how much they owe me and had a lot of sleep the past couple of nights and am now feeling a bit better. On Tuesday, there was a huge accident, which meant I couldn’t get home from work and ended up having a big (delicious) curry and a pint of coke whilst I waited out the traffic. I have actually been doing really well at cutting out fizzy drinks. So yeah I’m sorry for neglecting the blog a bit this week, but I really needed the me time. I just haven’t been up for concentrating on anything by the time I get home from work.

Anyway, on to the figures:

Starting Weight: 13st 5lb

Today’s Weight: 13st 1lb

Total Weight Loss: 4lb

I am slightly disappointed that I didn’t get back down to 13st again this past week, but in all honesty, I haven’t stuck to my eating very well and I haven’t really done any exercise. But I’m still down another pound! Woo! Let’s see if I can break through the 13st barrier this week! To do that, I am definitely going to need to stick better to my calorie limit and exercise more.

What’s you’re favourite healthy food? What do you do to cut down on calories?


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13 responses to “Weekly Weigh-In 4

  1. Don’t for a moment be disheartened Rach, it’s all going in the right direction – that is a fantastic achievement!!! Really well done :) XXXXX


    • Thanks Karen 😊 sometimes I think it’s better to have the less healthy thing I’ve been wanting for a while, so I stop thinking about it all the time! I want to lose weight healthily so baby steps it’s going to be xxxx

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      • Exactly!! It’s more about a change in lifestyle choices as opposed to cutting everything out – in my opinion that wouldn’t work, so a wee bout of eating for yourself isn’t a bad thing. All about pacing yourself Rach :) X


      • Healthier eating, healthier lifestyle, healthier me! My weight may be the main motivation behind it, but I do want to be healthier and more active like I used to be, so its about more than just the weight x

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      • That’s a really healthy and positive outlook Rach :) My sister went from a size 18 to an 8. Took her two years but she never deprived herself, just made a few healthier choices and got active. Still has her weekly treats and looks forward to them, thankfully it’s been so easier to maintain than friends I know who have taken the diet route! Hope you continue to embrace your new healthy ways – very inspiring :) XXX

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      • Oh wow that is such a huge achievement for her! Always good to hear that someone has done it an maintained it xxx

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      • It really is – she has worked so hard :) Very much worth it in the end XXXX

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  2. You’re doing really well, we all have days where we don’t stick to our plans and eat delicious (not-so-healthy) food. Don’t be disheartened. Keep it up. 😊😊


  3. That’s a great achievement! I’ve brought a blender to make Smoothies for when I’m at work because all I was eating was pasta or sandwiches at work, and then going home and having more carbs! Not good. I’ve lost 5lb just doing that Monday to Friday and then having some treats on the weekend. I also brought a water filter jug so it encourages me to drink more water and cut down on fizzy pop.


    • I’ve been taking soup in for lunch almost daily since I started trying to lose weight and it’s really helped. Keeps me fuller than a sandwich and for less calories. Also discovered salt and vinegar flavoured popcorn as an alternative to crisps and started taking some fruit or something with me. As I work in the country, I can only really eat what I take with me, so I make sure it’s pretty healthy x


  4. You’re doing great! Keep it up!!


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