Feel Unique Mini Haul


As previously mentioned, I treated myself to a little spree on Feel Unique, as I found this awesome Groupon deal for a £25 voucher for only £15. Felt rude not to really… I only actually picked up two things. But they’re both a bit of an indulgence and sometimes that’s needed. This has definitely been one of those times!

So here they are:


Figs & Rouge Cherry Blossom Hand Cream


I was introduced to Figs & Rouge by Glossybox, when I received the mango & mandarin one in my August Glossybox. It was by far the best hand cream I had ever used and comes in two sizes and a few different scents. I went for cherry blossom, because they smell lovely and I don’t want anything too overpowering on my hands. I got the larger 80ml tube for £6.95, which I think is a really good price and definitely offers better value for money than the 20ml tube for £3.95 (although the 20ml is ideal for in a handbag). The only reason I haven’t purchased this sooner is because there’s a delivery charge for spends under £20 on FeelUnique. Oh and I had other hand creams to use up.. Still kinda do.

Elie Saab L’Eau Couture


And finally, say hello to my true indulgence! I recently mentioned a sample of this in my Empties 6 post and as I said there, fell straight in love with it and was really upset when it ran out. So I was browsing the web to see how much it was – a fair bit, as you’d probably expect. BUT FeelUnique had the 30ml bottle for only £27.90. Still quite a lot for a bottle that size, that may only be a couple of pound cheaper than on Boots, however when you add the £10 Groupon saving, suddenly it became affordable(ish). Let’s talk about what I love about this starting with the packaging. That beautiful, beautiful packaging appeals to me on so many levels as a graphic designer. It’s high quality, embossed & gilded. The colour scheme and just everything about it says expensive, but in the good way.

That alone wouldn’t be reason for most people to buy this, so I guess I should talk about the scent, which is what I feel in love with in the first place. Here’s a little description of the scents it contains:

Top notes: Bergamot from Calabria, Magnolia
Heart notes: Orange Blossom, Jasmine
Bottom notes: Green Almond, Vanilla Infusion

A lovely list, which does no justice to how good this smells. I suggest finding a Boots or something to try this out. Plus it lingers for a long time, which is fantastic as you don’t need to top up. A very good thing for a high end perfume.

So I am very pleased with my purchases from FeelUnique and also their delivery time! I ordered on a Saturday evening, had my parcel dispatched  the following day and it was in my hands only a couple of days later. My only complaint throughout the whole thing, in fact, was with the courier company who ‘delivered’ the parcel by chucking it over my back gate. I’ve complained about this same company doing that with clothing before, let alone something that’s actually breakable. Fortunately FeelUnique packaged it all really well and nothing was broken. Here’s a pic so you can see how well if you’re concerned about placing an order for fragile products:

Have you shopped at FeelUnique before or tried either of these products? What did you think of them?

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7 responses to “Feel Unique Mini Haul

  1. I’m obsessed with Feel Unique these days, looks like you got some great products! X


  2. I love FeelUnique, there are so many products to choose from and I always get discount codes on my next purchase every time I buy something :) x


  3. Wish I’d noticed the group on feel unique offer, I need to start reading group on emails rather than deleting again! xx


    • I saw someone post about it on fb, never would have noticed otherwise! Hopefully they’ll do it again sometime because it was a really good deal x


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