Travel Bucket List

travel bucket list

I saw recently that Transun are doing a really cool competition to win a trip to see the Northern Lights and all you gotta do is write about your top three bucket list destinations to enter! I love going abroad (who doesn’t) and visiting new places. I am currently suffering from wanderlust and immediately thought of my top three places I want to go. There are of course many, many more, but these are the places I am most desperate to go.

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Tokyo, Japan

I actually went to Tokyo last February for 5 days with my university. I absolutely loved it and I am desperate to go back! It was tricky not to spam you all with pictures of my time there, but here’s a pretty picture taken in Ueno park and a shot of me with the iron giant at the Studio Ghibli museum (taken by Zoe from Nuggetstumpblog!).

Aside from the fact that it is a really great place, which is both exactly what you expect and exactly the opposite of that too, the main reason I want to head back to Tokyo is that I felt like I didn’t experience the place properly. No matter where you go and how long for, there will always be more to do, more places to go and more things to see, but I’ve never left a place and felt like I didn’t get a good taster of it, until I went to Tokyo. That’s not to say that I didn’t go to some amazing places, have new experiences and all of that, just that there was so much more I felt like I’d missed out on. My plan would be to head to Japan for three weeks, starting and ending in Tokyo and seeing some other parts in between. I want to stay in a capsule hotel and go to the Pokemon centre. I want to see the bamboo forests and mount fuji. I want to see and do it all!


Safari/ Madagascar

If nothing else, you can take away from this post that I am a planner of big, ambitious trips. One thing that I have wanted to do for a long, long time is go on safari. Then I saw the movie Madagascar, fell in love with lemurs and wanted to go there too. Unfortunately, this trip has a serious count down on it, thanks to poachers. I really believe that if I don’t go soon, then I’ll never get to see some of these animals in the wild, where they should be. It’s so sad that people hunt down these creatures to the point of extinction, and for what? So I want to go and surround myself with it all, see it for myself whilst I still have the chance.


Galapagos Islands

My favourite animal is penguins. For my 22nd birthday, I went to the local safari park just because I wanted to see them and guess where they live? Yup, and there’s tortoises too! The famous islands where Darwin went to work on his theory of evolution have made this list for so many reasons. They’re beautiful, warm, remote. I am really pale, so I’m not normally the beach sort, but the idea of wandering around the islands hanging out with penguins is something I really, really want to do.

So there we have it, my top three destinations. I have a much bigger list of things I’d love to do, including going to Budapest, Marrakech and spending a month travelling through Italy, as well as exploring the UK. Did you know I’ve never been to Scotland or Ireland? Clearly need to sort that out.

What makes your top three travel destinations?


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16 responses to “Travel Bucket List

  1. I have so many places I want to visit. Like I want to go to the states, japan, china, africa, australia and so on. :D


  2. These look like such beautiful places! I’ve got a million and one places I’d love to visit. Hahah. I’m the same with the UK though – I’ve never been to Scotland and Wales. The two countries closest to us and I’ve never been. Ireland is beautiful though! I’ve been to both northern and Southern Ireland and you must visit Dublin! It’s a lovely city.
    Think I might have to do a post like this myself! Xx


    • I’ve been to Wales quite a bit, although only really to breacon becons and cardiff. Both are lovely though. I’ve been told Id like Dublin, also really want to go to Edinburgh. You should definitely do a list!x

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      • Yes I’m sure you’d love it. I’d quite like to go to Scotland soon – my best friend lives there now so I have good reason to go!


      • Oh well now you definitely need to go! Plus you would already have somewhere to stay which is always a bonus x


  3. I would love to go to Tokyo! Mostly for Japanese food haha! Although top of my wish list is to go to Paris!


  4. I’m doing this now, it’s making me want to book a holiday though!


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  6. My two trips to Italy were my favourite of all time. I absolutely fell in love with Rome. You must go!


    • I went to Rome for 5 days a few years ago, it was amazing! Thinking of going back next year but would love to see more of Italy! What was your favourite part of Rome?x

      Liked by 1 person

      • The food! LOL! And the architecture. All of the buildings are so beautiful, and so steeped in history…


      • Oh yeah tell me about the food! Haha had so much incredible food there so cheap, loved it just for that but finally getting to see the coliseum first hand and being able to just wander through plazas and stumble across the four seasons fountain is just amazing! Ancient history was always my favourite and I’m quite arty, so I loved Rome for that x


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