The Last Glossybox? – April Glossybox Review

April Glossy

I got this month’s Glossybox using up the points I had on my account for referrals and answering their surveys. Considering that I didn’t like the sneaked product this month, I’m not really sure why I chose to get this box. I guess  because I had been waiting for them to do another themed box, as they are usually better.

IMG_2965 IMG_2966

This month’s theme was classic Hollywood glamour and featured Marylin Monroe on the front of the box. There were four variations of the box colour, all pastels for spring, with a different quote from a star inside. As you can see, I got the blue box with a quote from Rita Hayworth (who?), but was hoping for peach.

The promised value for the box was surprisingly low for Glossybox, but they promised a minimum of three full sized products, which is always good.

On to what was inside:


Lord & Berry Lipstick Pencil in Kiss


This was the sneak item promised in every box. It is a full size lipstick pencil worth £10, so that’s the value of the box back straight away. However, I don’t really like red lipstick on myself and actually tend to avoid it, even before I dyed my hair red. Since going red it is now even harder to colour match a red lippie. This one is quite orange toned and my hair goes pink, so there would only be a small time when I might feel brave enough to try this out. I swatched it on my hand and it was really smudgy so I think this will end up neglected.

Atral Original Face and Body Moisturiser


This is a 50ml sample worth about £1. As a full sized 200ml is worth £3.89, I can’t help but wish I’d been sent something a little larger. Afterall, 50ml isn’t going to go very far for face and body is it? So far, I haven’t tried this as I’m getting my skin back under control after a break out and don’t want to mess around with new skincare at the moment. I hadn’t heard of the brand before, but it’s apparently very popular and available at Boots.

POP Beauty Kajal Eyeliner Pen


I’ve never actually used an eyeliner with a sponge on the other end for one reason; I want my eyeliner to stay in place and to me the sponge implies smudgy. I only use liquid for my cateye (which is obviously what this was intended for) and I sometimes use kohl on my waterline, which I’m not sure this would work well for if its smudgy. This is a full sized product worth £6.50.

Color Club Barely There Nail Polish

IMG_2995 IMG_2997

Did you know nude nails are in at the moment? They’re everywhere! And I don’t really like them… One thing’s for sure – they got the name right! You’ll have to excuse the chipped pinky, but I took these photos last night having painted my nails when I received the box on Thursday evening. Fairly good wear time can be spoken for at least! My problem with nudes is that I am SO PALE that it makes it look as though I have no nails in most lights. I am quite pleased to have just taken this off and put a bold colour on and now be able to see my nails. This is otherwise a really nice super pale, slightly sheer peach, but unfortunately it only looks nice on me in natural daylight. Again a full sized product worth £4.10, but I think only available in the US.

IDC Body Lotion


I was really disappointed to see this product in my box. A lavender moisturiser isn’t something I would ever buy myself, although that is part of the point of these beauty boxes. But if you remember, I already had a body lotion in this box. Why would they send two in one box?! Despite initial disappointments, this has been the only product I’ve actually used out of the box. I’ve taken to put it on my arms and chest after my evening shower, as I usually only pay attention to my legs. Plus that way I can smell the lavender as I go to sleep. I wouldn’t use this during the day as it takes a while to absorb and the scent lingers. Usually that would be a good thing, but this makes me feel like a granny. Also I wish this was a squeezy tub, as its difficult to get the product out and when I do I tend to get too much. This was a full sized 100ml product, to my surprise – it’s quite small afterall, worth £3.59.

So that’s everything I got in my box and I have to say I was disappointed. Not only did I not really like any of the products, but it was only worth £25. Although that is worth more than the box price and I know I didn’t actually pay for this one, it is a lot less than their usual value of £30-40.

I had been thinking of taking a break from Glossybox anyway, as I hadn’t been as impressed with their boxes since December and now I definitely will be. I just don’t feel like they’re paying attention to what products they’ve sent us before or taking enough account of the beauty profiles. I certainly don’t get as excited by them as I used to. I don’t want this to be my last Glossybox, as it is just such a disappointment, but for the time being I can’t see myself getting any more.

Do you get any beauty boxes? Which is your favourite?


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18 responses to “The Last Glossybox? – April Glossybox Review

  1. I had exactly the same reaction to mine. Not really worth it and over-hyped. I can’t stand nude nail polish, don’t wear red lipstick, and I got bath crystals instead of the moisturiser, I don’t have a bath in my flat! My mum uses astral so I will give that to her. Not impressed at all. Even birchbox was better this month and they’ve been pants recently.


    • I think I’ve been disappointed with every box since Dec. Had a better box from things like Pink Parcel where the beauty products aren’t even the main reason for getting it and Love Me Beauty where you get the option to select products. Think I’m going to give them both another go over the next few months x

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  2. I’m cancelling Glossy after that box.I’d advise not to open the astral moisturiser as it has THE worst smell ever! Birchbox and Look Fantastic are great monthly boxes x


  3. the packaging is cute but the reviews put me off subscribing to glossy box x


  4. I love the nude nail look – I call it mannequin hands! :D That nail polish is my favourite item of the box you received.

    I don’t subscribe to any beauty boxes – I feel like I would end up with a ton of samples / products I won’t use. I could probably use that $20 a month and just go buy something that I really wanted.


    • Mannequin hands! I love it! Haha that is exactly what it looks like 😆
      I know what you mean, but I do think they offer great value for money and a chance to try out new products I haven’t heard of. Or can atleast x

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