Weekly Weigh-In 2

Weekly Weigh In 2

Well I’ve been a bit absent from the blog this past week, which I apologise for. It’s been a terrible week, filled with lots of stress and stress-eating and not enough sleep.

I managed to make a few healthier choices during the week, but all of them were ruined by over eating chocolate. As a result, I haven’t stuck to my calorie limit for a single day this week. Hopefully the source of my stress is going to be resolved soon, but I came across this picture on Instagram which I think is very true for me.

So on to the numbers; I was really surprised by today’s weigh-in as I expected to have gained a couple of pounds, not lose some.

Starting Weight: 13st 5lb

Today’s Weight: 13st 2lb

Total Weight Loss: 3lb

I’ve decided the weight was probably due to bloating as it was that time of the month, which would be why it’s gone so quickly. But I think I needed the positive result to help keep me motivated this week.

I’ve decided to try out some free exercise apps this week. So hopefully some yoga and the ab and butt challenges will start to kick me into shape. I also want to stick to my calorie goal and not have 3 chocolate bars a day (yeah I know, shameful! The combination of shark week and stress eating is a bad one).

Any healthy eating tips or healthy snack ideas? What do you do to keep fit?


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6 responses to “Weekly Weigh-In 2

  1. Definitely agree with looking into apps, a really good one is Nike Training Club.
    It’s totally free and can give you 4 week exercise programmes you don’t have to go to a gym to do. There’s different levels too.
    I’m so tempted to do that instead of pay my £38 a month gym fee errgh! X


    • Wow that is a huge gym fee! My work has a flexible benefits scheme which can include a gym membership so I’m going to look into that, not sure if I’m entitled to it as I started part way through the year it means some things aren’t available, but if it is I’m going to get somewhere nearby that has classes I want to do because I think I’d be more likely to go!x


      • Yeah I know and it’s the cheapest in me area – so bloody ridiculous!
        No way of it coming down in price either 😔
        Yeah classes are good – as you’ve moved to somewhere new too they are also a good way to meet people x


      • Classes near me are really expensive. I looked up Pilates and it was over £10 a session and nowhere near by seems to do adult ballet, which is a shame. But there’s some gyms that offer Pilates, Zumba and yoga as part of their classes which id be interested in x


      • £10! Yikes! I think my gym charge £14 if you’re not a member, might be worth checking if becoming a member is cheaper.
        Oh Pilates and yoga are good! I like them, never tried Zumba but it looks fun! X


      • Oh that’s not even for at a gym! That’s just a general class. There’s a gym id have to drive to that offers the classes for £5 for non-members. If I was getting a membership id want it to include them. I’ve never tried Pilates or done yoga seriously, but I have done Zumba and enjoyed it x


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