Starting Over & Weekly Weigh-In 1

Weekly Weigh In 1

This is a post I’ve been thinking about writing for the past few months and really wish I’d written sooner. My weight has been something I’ve struggled with since Sixth Form, I lost weight at uni but since it’s piled back on and now I’m back where I started. Worse, actually.

I never used to weigh myself during school, but at uni I had a much more active lifestyle (in that, I walked around a lot and didn’t have as much take out as I did at home), so found that I lost weight in my first year, but I don’t know how much. In my second year, my weight stay around 13st 3lb if I didn’t make any effort. In my third year, my housemate and I helped keep each other in check and I managed to lose a stone over 4 months. I was so proud of myself and felt so much more confident and actually bought a body con dress. Now my figure was in no way perfect and my fitness levels still weren’t what they used to be, but I decided to give it a break whilst I focused on finishing my degree, my intention was to then lose another stone. But of course, that didn’t happen. As soon as I stopped watching my weight and started stress eating – I do eat my feelings a lot – the pounds piled back on.

Since starting my new job just over a month ago, I have been focusing on settling into my new mon-fri 9-5 routine, which was completely new to me. Unfortunately, I haven’t paid too much attention to what I have been eating during this time and haven’t been able to afford to do any dance classes like I wanted to. The result is that I’ve put on 4lb in 4 weeks. Easter obviously hasn’t helped with this and my cupboards currently have more chocolate in than actual food, but today is food shop day.

So, here we go… The embarrassing numbers.

Weekly Weigh-In 1: 13st 5lb

Goal Weight: 11st

Okay so that sounds like a lot to lose, because it is. 33lb in total, I worked it out. I like to know the numbers. My goal weight is actually just based on what would be a healthy BMI for me, as I haven’t been a healthy weight since I was a teenager, so I don’t know what I would like to be. All I know is weighing 12st 3lb, I still felt I had weight to lose, so it seems like a reasonable aim. I also don’t have a tape measure atm, but will try and get one later today and add my other measurements on later, as I like to see where the weight is coming off.

Now as I kinda said earlier, I am really bad at sticking to a healthy eating routine without any kind of support system. I just give up, because I want to eat like everyone else. So if anyone wants to add me on MyFitnessPal, Twitter or Facebook to be part of my support system, please please do! Any healthy recipes or tips people would like to share are also welcome.


So here I am, starting again and starting over. It feels horrible, but it also feels great. Here’s hoping I stick to it this time.


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2 responses to “Starting Over & Weekly Weigh-In 1

  1. Aw Rach, you can do it! Fitness pal is great for tracking what you’re eating and how many calories there is in stuff etc. Good idea to post about it, I’m sure that’ll keep you motivated x

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    • I hope so! Means I’ve got an audience watching my progress, so that should help. I did my healthiest food shop since I’ve moved today and actually went for a walk so that’s a start!x

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