March Pink Parcel Review

March PP

It came! It came! If you’ve read my blog recently, you probably saw a slightly mixed experience review where I said how lovely the Pink Parcel customer service team have been, but that I hadn’t actually received my parcel. After seeing my post, the PP team tweeted me to let me know that due to high demand after their fantastic free parcel offer, that they were dispatching all free boxes in April. It was to my complete surprise then, that I came home that same day to find March’s box waiting for me. And what a box!


The packaging was really discreet. Their sleek black and pink box is designed to fit through letterboxes and comes wrapped in a plastic postage bag so no-one will know it’s that time of the month.


Inside the box itself there are four sections; a cloth bag for now containing four Always pads, a box marked for later containing a further fourteen pads, a for bedtime box containing five Always night pads and a for you box filled with extra treats. In your profile you get to choose which sanitary products you would like and how long your cycle is and Pink Parcel send out what you need accordingly.


Bubble T Bath Bombs in Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea

Bubble T isn’t a brand I have heard of before, but this really cute tube contains 7 little bath bombs and costs £6. The packaging says to use 1 or 2 bombs to restore the mind and leave the skin feeling hydrated. They smell amazing too! I actually really like the look of these. I think a lot of bath bombs, such as the ones you get in Lush can be too big and leave the bath a bit gritty, so I like that these are small enough that they should dissolve properly. Unfortunately I don’t have a bath at mine, so I’ll be taking these back to my parent’s house this weekend and making use of their tub! Oh and did I mention these are not animal tested and are paraben and SLS free?

Papaya Gold Paw Paw Moisturising Balm

A product I have been wanting to try for months! My housemate at uni used to get huge tubes of this from her sister in New Zealand and swore by it for chapped lips, dry hands, you name it! I became really curious about this when I had a sudden and persistent eczema flare up in January, as this is recommended for dry skin conditions like it. Fortunately I have discovered changing washing powder has cleared up my eczema so I don’t need it for that anymore, but it really does make a great lip balm (I wasted no time in trying it out!) and I look forward to putting it to other uses too. This is full of lovely natural ingredients like papaya and honey and is also paraben and sulphate free. This is £5.99 and now available in Boots and Superdrug.


OPI Creme Gloss in I Sing In Color

I don’t think the name quite suits this nail varnish, as it implies a bright shade to me, but then I also quite like the irony of it. You may be thinking that this isn’t a very Spring colour either, but I don’t mind that as I love dark nails and dark colours in general. This shade is so unusual and indulgent. It looks a rich chocolate brown, but shines with the deep plum tones it is made up of. If you could get one coat to apply streak-free you’d have lovely red purple nails, but with two coats it goes full opaque and much deeper. I haven’t used a top coat when I swatched in the photo and it definitely lives up to the glossy finish the name promises. I am definitely going to wear this again and am already anticipating Halloween, as this would be perfect! This is part of the Gwen Stefani collection, which probably explains my love for it. This has a RRP of £12, making it worth more than the box itself.

Perfectil Original (Trial Sample)

This is a 7 day sample pack, which you can’t buy as they are usually sold in 30s or 90s. A 30 pack sells for £6.30, making this worth about £1.50. I am actually quite pleased to see this in here, as it is a vitamin supplement which helps maintain your hair, skin and nails. I have had brittle nails that split easily ever since have some acrylics done for my school prom 4 years ago. I am also trying to grow my hair after having several inches off due to bleach damage and I get ache. It won’t surprise you that I have considered purchasing these to see if it can help my problems, but I haven’t yet taken the plunge. I’m not sure I’ll see much result after just one week, but I’m definitely going to give them a try.

Also in the box was a Teapigs tea bag sample in chocolate flake tea (75p), which I think will either be hit or miss, and a fancy looking Divine caramel and dark chocolate bar (£1), which was divine! How did they know caramel is my favourite?

Overall, the value of my box was £27.24 plus around £1.80 of day time pads and £1 worth of night time pads making a grand total of £30! I think this month’s Pink Parcel offers really good value for money as the box is usually £9.99 including delivery! Plus they offer your first box for a discounted price of £5.95. I definitely enjoyed my PP a lot more than I thought I would when I first heard of the company and will be interested to see how reliable they are in the future, afterall I did get my box two weeks late this month. Although I understand that as promotional offer I wasn’t entitled to a box until April, I think that this should have been made clear when signing up and in the dispatch date part of my account to avoid any confusion.

Have you tried Pink Parcel before? Would you want your sanitary products delivered to you?

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