My Pink Parcel Experience


Well this isn’t quite the post I was expecting to write on Pink Parcel this month. You may have seen a post I did earlier in the month where I had discovered that Pink Parcel were offering a free box to new subscribers for International Women’s Day.

When I first heard of Pink Parcel, I have to say I was really skeptical about it. I didn’t really see the point of paying almost £10 a month to have someone deliver my essential items for that time of the month. I had two main reasons for this; 1) I am really good at remembering to check and stock up and 2) I don’t spend that much getting said essentials and some chocolate each month.

However, my opinion was changed after seeing great reviews box after box by some of my favourite bloggers over at Two Little Owls. They showed that the box offered value for money in the extra beauty treats included in each box, so I was very excited to getting my first one, especially at such a great deal.

But, to my disappointment, I haven’t received a box this month. After inputting all my details, my account told me to expect my first box to be dispatched on Friday 13th, giving it plenty of time to arrive before I needed it. As I didn’t receive a dispatch email over the days following, I emailed their customer services to make sure I would get my box in time and was assured that the slight delay was due to them having moved warehouse and that my box would be on its way in the next couple of days. A week later, after my period had been and gone, I was told that they had found an issue with my account and, as such, the system thought I wasn’t due a box until May. The customer service representative, Amy, I have been speaking to has been really lovely and helpful, arranging for a box to come out to me ASAP. Now I’m not sure exactly when to expect this, as I clearly don’t have much need for March’s box right now and my account currently says my April dispatch date.

I had been avoiding looking at reviews of this month’s box, as I wanted to keep it a surprise for when I received my own, but over the weekend decided I might as well have a look at the extra items included. Let me just say wow! Boxes included an OPI nail polish, a tube of pawpaw balm (which I’ve been wanting to try), a chocolate bar, some tea and other items to make your day a bit brighter. It is definitely a box I would have loved.

So despite not having actually gotten a box this month, I have still had a positive experience with Pink Parcel. Yes, it did mean I had to rush out on the day to buy some essentials and it is frustrating not to have gotten such a wonderful box, but I haven’t paid for it, so I can’t be greedy, and it seems like my lack of box is an isolated incident and not a common thing for them. Which is great, because I really think that one of the main selling points for Pink Parcel is the convenience it offers and it is hard to recommend a company that hasn’t actually delivered on that.

One thing I would like to add though, is that if you have signed up because of the offer because you saw my post and haven’t received your box then I am sorry. Obviously, it is out of my control and I just wanted to share what I felt was a truly fantastic offer for a really interesting company with you.

Have you tried Pink Parcel? What’s your experience been like? I’d love to hear if you have had any good or bad stories whilst I think about whether or not to keep a subscription with them.

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