The Glamour Spring Edit Beauty Box from Latest in Beauty

Glamour Spring Edit

I think I’m addicted to beauty boxes. Not in all all consuming must-get-all-of-them every single month kind of way, but since I got my first Glossybox back in July, I haven’t gone a month without a beauty box of some kind. This month being short of cash and having just moved I wasn’t planning on getting any. But then I saw this one and I just had to have it.

The box in question is the Glamour Spring Beauty Edit by Latest in Beauty. The products in the box have been selected by Glamour Magazine’s beauty director to give a selection of products ready for the spring. With this box, you can see the full list of products available on the Latest in Beauty website before you buy, with some variations in colour of the product. This means you can buy knowing how suited the box is to you and what value for money it offers. The box costs £16.99, however I got 10% off using HELLO10 at the checkout.

IMG_2713 IMG_2714

I think the packaging on this is beautiful and the brightly coloured box certainly cheered up what has otherwise been a very grey week here in the UK.


A peek at what’s inside! My housemate’s kitten was really interested and kept getting in the way of my photos! (Mostly just to eat the tissue paper…)


First up, is a full size Nuxe Creme Fraiche du Beaute Mask £18.50, a product I have had before in a Glossybox and really like. I try to keep it for ‘nice’, e.g. when I’m going for a long soak in the bath, as it’s a fairly pricey product and I don’t want to use it up too quickly. However, now I have a second I can use it more often without worry. Very pleased to have a back up of this and it’s worth more than I paid for the box. Good start right?


Anyone who has been reading my blog lately will be able to see pretty quickly that I love haircare products and although I have a mask I adore, I do like to experiment with new ones. The Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask comes in a larger tub as well, but this 75ml tub is probably too big to be considered a sample. You can get this on FeelUnique for £7.65. This is for use1-2times a week and is full of argan oil. Can’t wait to try it!


For nails, I have got two full sized Revlon Colourstay Gel Envy products worth £6.99 each. Left is 540 Checkmate and on the right is the Diamond Top Coat. There are two other colours available in the boxes. I’ve just put these on and am really liking the pigmentation from the coloured varnish and shine given by the top coat. Plus both dry really quickly which is great. This is the first gel polish I have tried, so I was surprised at how thick these are, but when applying two coats as directed I got a nice even finish. Checkmate isn’t a shade I would have chosen myself, but I do like it – I’m just not sure it suits my skin tone! However, I’m going to leave it on to see how chip resistant it is and see how it looks in daylight.

Update: It’s now daylight & I think it looks so much nicer! The lighting in my room makes this look slightly yellower and my skin look a lot pinker at night. I’m actually rather liking how different it is to my usual choices.


When debating whether or not to buy this box, this was the only product I wasn’t interested in. I have before used powder and wax kits, but often ended up with my brows looking too harsh or poorly colour matched. Since then, I’ve started using a brow mascara and really like the definition and natural look of it, so I’m not sure I’ll use this. However, it is a lovely set containing three powders, a clear wax and a small pair of tweezers. I haven’t heard of BeautyUK before and to my surprise this High Brow All in One Definition Kit retails for only £3.99.


Hello lipgloss! I have always enjoyed wearing lipgloss and when I put this on this morning it was no exception. The Rimmel Oh My Gloss £5.49 is a new product and five different shades were available in the boxes. I received Stay My Rose, which is exactly the colour I would pick out for myself. This gives a subtle wash of colour, high shine and a slight shimmer as well as that wonderful slightly sticky feeling you get from a gloss. Not an overly sticky feeling, but enough to know your gloss is on. This quickly went into my handbag ready for touch ups.


Dual lip/cheek products seems to be all the rage at the moment, with most being suited for one or the other. I have only tried one ModelCo product before (the aforementioned brow mascara) which I really like, so I was curious about how good this would be. The Creme Rouge Cheek & Lip Stain £14 came in the colour Just Peachy which is rather red for a peach. I tried this on both cheeks and lips expecting it to be too red for both, but actually quite liked it on my cheeks. However, I didn’t like the texture on my lips.


This Kiko Cosmetics Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow £6.90 is definitely a product I have refrained myself from buying in their store. Out of the three colours available, I received 07 Golden Biege, which is incredibly similar to a couple of other eye products I have, so I’m happy with that. This warm toned neutral shimmer really brings out my eye colour! It is much more glittery than it is pigmented, but still brightens up the eye area nicely. It also has really good staying powering – as I’m writing, I’ve had it on for about 12 hours with only a small amount of creasing. Very impressed.

IMG_2725 IMG_2726

Also included in the box is a free sample of an Ellie Saab perfume and a 12 month subscription to Glamour magazine – both printed and e versions. On the back of the flyer is a unique code and I just used mine to check there is no added cost in case you’re interested. I haven’t bought a magazine of any kind for ages, so it’ll be nice to have a subscription to browse for a change. I didn’t have to enter any card details or anything for this and the subscription starts from May’s issue.


Below are a couple of images of my make up from yesterday, using some of the products in my box.  In the first I am wearing the ModelCo stain on my lips and in the second I have the Rimmel gloss on. I’m also wearing the Kiko eyeshadow and the ModelCo stain as a blush. I much preferred the Rimmel gloss for both colour and texture. For some reason, I always feel like a clown when I have red lips!

IMG_2732 IMG_2733 IMG_2735

So that’s everything I got in my box! Latest In Beauty advertise it as having a value of £99, which I think includes the value of the Glamour magazine subscription. However, that isn’t what I bought the box for, although it is a nice bonus. I paid £15.29 for my box and the make up items (excluding the perfume sample) came to a value for £70.51. This is fantastic value for money even if I won’t use the brow kit, but excluding that I have still got products worth four times the amount I paid.

What do you think of the Glamour Spring Edit? Have you tried any of the products in it?


6 responses to “The Glamour Spring Edit Beauty Box from Latest in Beauty

  1. I picked up one of the kiko eyeshadow sticks when I went to london, I have used it every day since! Think they’re really good for the price!


  2. Kitty looked like he was having a fun time with the unboxing


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