Empties 5

Empties 5

As I was moving house, I have made a big effort to use up my half empty products to save on space. I was pretty successful so have broken this up into a couple of sections to make it easier to read. But you may still wish to grab a cup of tea and settle in for a long one!

IMG_2507 IMG_2508

Hair Care

First is the batiste dry shampoo in cherry blossom, which is a really good dry shampoo option that I would repurchase, but isn’t my favourite dry shampoo.

Next to that is a Herbal Essences dry shampoo which I didn’t really get along with. It would make my hair look like I’d covered it in hair spray but not make it seem any cleaner, so o won’t be repurchasing.

The Tresemme heat protector is a product I hve had for an embarrassingly long time – so long in fact that I have lost complete track of how long! It’s hard to say how good this is as I kinda gave up on it and found my new Schwarzkopf one to be much more effective, but that could just be because it was out of date. Not planning to repurchase.

On the front row, is directions temporary hair dye in tangerine which I love to mix with conditioner to help keep my colour vibrant. Definite repurchase!

In the centre is my much loved Schwarzkopf Ultime hair mask, which Ihave  already purchased my third tub of. This makes my hair soft and shiny, helps with split ends and has improved the condition of my hair making it grow faster. Total holy grail product for me and will continue to buy.

Next is a more expensive hair mask from Lee Stafford which promises to help hair grow by improving its condition. Having already been using the Schwarzkopf one, I foun this made no difference to my hair and I preferred the texture and scent of the ultime mask, so I won’t be repurchasing this.

IMG_2509 IMG_2510


The first skincare item here is a body scrub from The Body Shop’s Christmas range, in the scent glazed apple. I absolutely loved the smell of this and liked how it gently exfoliated. I would definitely repurchase if they release this again this year. For now, I have the shower gel of this to use up.

My Aveeno moisturiser has been an absolute saviour for me this winter. It has helped massively with my overly sensitive skin and the eczema I had. It is so affordable and lasts ages too. I wrote about this on my moisturiser post. I already have another tube of this to use.

Bioderma is a brand I am sure we have all heard of, but I was given a duo pack of these micellar waters when my mum went to France in October. I’ve been liking it, but want to do a more in depth review/ comparison with the Garnier one.

The Right Guard Deodorant is one I have found to be really good and have purchased several times now. It helps to stop perspiration and odour. Win.

Now we have a pair of lip balms, both of which are excellent. There is of course the classic Carmex, which I rediscovered in a Glossybox. I find this to be really good, but my boyfriend doesn’t like it, so I’ve not repurchased yet. The Baby Lips is a Japanese version, sadly not available in the UK. I got it in Tokyo last Feb and have loved it and am very sorry to see it gone. If anyone is going to Japan, can I have one please?

Lastly, is a packet of humble cleansing wipes I forgot from the previous photos. Although I have stopped using these to remove my make up, I still find them the easiest (and cheapest) way to fix any make up mistakes. Already repurchased.

So that’s everything from my Empties this month! Anything here you want to try or any products you have been loving lately? Let me know!


4 responses to “Empties 5

  1. definitely going to give that hair mask a go! been looking for one. great post rach <3


  2. Still can’t find that hair mask in any stores which I go to, I look out every time! and I bloody forgot when I did my online boots shop! x


    • The Schwarzkopf one? It really annoys me that all their stores seem to stock the entire range except the masks, which are amazing! I got my most recent one in Asda on a 2 for £5 offer. Unfortunately there was only one tub of mask left, but it was £5.50 by itself, so I grabbed the conditioner to try too x

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