My name’s Rachael and I am a hair obsessive. Particularly with unnatural hair colours. I don’t quite know what it is about it, I see it and I love it! As a result of my hair obsession, I do follow people on instagram solely for their hair…

Here’s a selection of images I can’t help but lust over!

10394572_1103790982980709_2280899293987524376_n tumblr_n29h9xNdm61rlf6f8o1_500 tumblr_n2cfjomhbT1rpfelno1_500 large 01tumblr_mo8xd9GmDq1st4fwko1_500 10945255_1535201513401382_2036982340_ngorgeous-rainbow-hair-4284-1305433541-28

My hair may currently be red, but I have always always wanted green hair! Which is your favourite? Would you dye your hair such a bold colour?


25 responses to “Hairspiration

  1. Lovely pictures! ;) Are you planning on dying it in a more bold colour? ;) I’ve had blue hair for some time ;D


  2. I think aqua and lilac looks so good! I’d love to get a purple ombre but my hair gets so weak whenever I bleach it so maybe not for now.
    Jay x


  3. Oh wow – gotta say I love the mulitcoloured one! Not sure I’d have it myself but it’s my fav of the bunch, awesome!! :D X


  4. I have the same addiction! I’m going silver at the moment

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