Mark Hill Quick Fix Dry Shampoo Review

Mark Hill

Just over a week ago, I was meeting a friend for lunch and popped into Boots to grab a new dry shampoo as the bottle of Batiste I had at the time was pretty much empty. I don’t like being caught without it so I stocked up on a new can ready for when it died. Recently it seems there has been a huge expansion of dry shampoo lines by all kinds of hair care companies, so I was quite spoilt for choice.

I decided to go for the two Mark Hill ones, as I thought a premium brand would give better results and it was on offer! I got mine for £3.66 down from £5.49! The one I got is the white can called Quick Fix, they also do a black can aimed called Dirty Little Stop Out, aimed at volumising.


First of all, the packaging! I think the design is really eye catching and definitely stands out from the other dry shampoos on the market. But unless you are a design lover like me, that’s not going to be the main selling point now is it?

So on to the product itself! I hate to say it, but this was a major disappointment! The first time I used it, I sprayed, rubbed and brushed as directed and looked in the mirror in confusion – it had done nothing! After applying a few times I saw a slight difference on parts of my hair but not really on my fringe and ended up going to ‘borrow’ some of my mum’s batiste.

Next time I used it, I decided to be a bit more liberal with it. After spraying for about three times as long as I would with other dry shampoos, I rubbed it in, choked on fumes and brushed my hair. The result? The main body of my hair looked nice and clean until I brushed it, at which point it looked kinda greasy again. I put this down to the fact it claims to leave hair looking glossy, but really I find my hair looks better without brushing this through. As it doesn’t coat your hair in powder like batiste does, you can get away with doing this. But for my fringe, which needs a bit of styling, this wasn’t an option, so I ended up using my mum’s dry shampoo again! (Sorry mum!)

Overall, I would have to say the packaging is the only good thing about this product. But I’d rather have something with bad packaging that was truly effective, as I don’t want to go out looking unwashed and greasy. And it seems that brand names aren’t everything! In future, I’ll stick to more affordable ones and I definitely won’t be repurchasing this.

What dry shampoo do you use? Any you think I should try next?



3 responses to “Mark Hill Quick Fix Dry Shampoo Review

  1. I had this in my basket in boots and at last minute took it out at the weekend, remembering I’ve never liked anything from Mark Hill that I’ve tried before! Glad I didn’t pick it up now! x

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    • I’m got to avoid them in the future, definitely not worth the money. Just got 3 cans of Aussie on 3 for £10 in boots, hopefully the cans won’t break on me but I had to use my mums batiste again today! Mark Hill is doing nothing for my hair x


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