Neutral Protein Filler 6 Month Review

protein filler

By far the most viewed post on my blog is the Neutral Protein Filler Review. However, it’s more of an initial impressions post, as I wrote the review after one use. I have now been using it when dying my hair for the past six months and felt that I have more to add to the subject.

As stated in the previous post, I have been using this bottle of Colorful Neutral Protein Filler 16oz, which I bought off amazon for £24.50. This is the only protein filler I have tried as it is quite a large bottle and I am only 1/4 of the way through! My hair is quite thick and has been below shoulder length since I started using it, so I anticipated that I would need a full 2oz with each use, as the bottle states to use 1-2oz. I have cut a few inches off my hair over the past 6 months, but I usually only use an ounce of it. If you have shorter or finer hair than me, you will probably find this will last you a long, long time! It’s also worth saying that I dye my hair this way every 4-6 weeks.


In the instructions, there are two methods on how to use the protein filler. One is to wet and section your hair, as described in the previous post. The second is to add the filler to your dye, which I really do not recommend. It’s said to be a quicker method for when you are short on time, but as it waters down the dye, it makes it more difficult to apply and left me with an uneven colour result.

Other than trying the second method one time, I have always used the first except for one month when I was trying out a new dye brand and wanted to see the colour result without it. When I then used the filler with the dye the next time, I found that the colour was more saturated and lasted longer, even after a few months of regular use.

The filler also claims to repair previously damaged protein bonds and protect against new chemical damage. I do still get split ends, although these have greatly improved. However it is hard to say how much of that is thanks to the filler as I have had frequent cuts, changed to sulphate free shampoo and found an excellent hair mask aimed at reducing split ends. It’s likely a combination of these things, but I think the filler is the least effective of them all, because my dye does still fade out to quite clearly show the line of the old purple colour I used to have, making me doubt the claim that it seals the colour inside the cortex.

One other thing worth mentioning, is that too much protein can damage your hair. Although it hasn’t happened to me, I know someone who had much longer hair than mine who used a protein treatment on her hair every week as she felt it made it stronger and shinier. After a couple of months of this, she ended up having to cut her hair into a pixie crop because the protein had dried her hair out so much, she couldn’t brush it or get it to straighten out. It was all frizzy and split!

Overall, I will continue to use the Colorful Neutral Protein Filler as it does help to produce an even dye result and makes my colour last a bit longer. Because one bottle lasts so long, I do think it is good value for money, but I really don’t like the smell. I try to only dye my hair every 6 weeks, but was doing so more frequently for job interviews, so hopefully cutting back on dying will stop me from over doing the protein!

Have you tried a protein filler? What did you think of it?


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