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This month, I need to cut back on my spending as I’m changing my job, going away for a week and also got a big shopping trip to Birmingham planned. I know, a shopping trip and a spending ban? Not going to go well… However, I decided to go through my surprisingly large collection quickly with you all. Hopefully, documenting and organising it all a bit better will help me to realise what I actually own and curb those spendy urges.

Now my collection is by no means the largest you will have ever seen, but considering not that long ago, I was an unemployed student I couldn’t afford to splurge out too much on things I didn’t actually need. Somehow since finishing uni and starting this blog, I have massively increased the amount of everything I have. This is partly in thanks to beauty boxes and partly because I have been enjoying having my own income again.


So the best place to start is with my upcycled Glossybox collections. Until the other day, I had all of this in the one box and in my make up bag, making it easy for products to get forgotten about. So decided to put a second box to use to make it all a bit easier to find. The left box contains blushers and highlighters as well as eyeshadows. The box on the right is just lip products. Yup, all that is for my lips… Is this everything I own for these categories? Uh, no. I also have my Soap & Glory palette, the items from my Love Me Beauty box and I keep more lip products in my bags and next to my bed!

IMG_2312 IMG_2314 copy

Literally ALL of these body butters and shower gels are unopened and unused. I have others I am currently using up, but this is a serious collection, most of which I had completely forgotten about. Clearly I need banning from The Body Shop! Oh and this doesn’t include travel sized shower gels. I’ve got a few of those too.



As with above, these haven’t been used… And I have just as many, if not more, bath products from Lush which I have part used. No more Lush visits for me until this stash has been substantially reduced.

Special mention also needs to go out for skincare, which I haven’t photographed. But you may have read my recent Beauty Essentials Haul and know that I stocked up pretty well on that. Plus whilst clearing out a box of beauty items under my bed (where most of that shower gel and body butter was hiding), I found a Good Things moisturiser and the Revlon cleanser and toner from this haul in the summer! The face mask from that haul is still unused in my cupboard too.

IMG_2316 IMG_2317

I picked out a couple of things from the two main boxes of products which I had completely forgotten I owned. The Essence lipstick in Natural Beauty was one I really liked, but somehow slipped my mind. The NYX palette has been completely overshadowed by my Soap & Glory one, but is still great for night time looks. That peach blusher from Revlon? Yeah, I was thinking about buying something really similar! Plus the Max Factor Lipfinity looks like the perfect shade to pair with it.

I clearly have a bit of an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ thing going on, so have rearranged everything to be much more accessible and visible to remind myself of what I have and to start using up what I have. Plus there’s plenty of new products there for me to try out. I am still going to get this month’s Glossybox as well, so hopefully that will satisfy my urge for new things.

I hope you enjoyed going through my beauty stash! It’s been really helpful for me to get this all better sorted and has already made me realise I don’t need some of the products I was thinking about buying this month. At the moment, the only thing I think I could actually do with is a blusher brush! Any suggestions?


11 responses to “My Beauty Stash

  1. I’m really in the mood for a Body Shop order now I’ve seen all those lovely shower gels and body butters.. great post, good luck with your new job!


  2. I love seeing others’ collections. I too and am trying to cut back. It’s not going so well…haha


    • I know what you mean! I keep saying I’ll cut back but instead keep spending! Last month i justified it by getting clothes for my new job but can’t keep doing that! I was amazed at just how much I had tucked away x


  3. I am also a shower gel horder! haha. Mine are mostly LUSH and a new Mothers Day one has just come out that of course i just need! :P


  4. I have just started a No Buy for as long as I can go. I will admit my make up collection is HUGE!! And I will be doing a make up inventory later today to hold me accountable. I wont need much make up for the next 3 years I would not have thought, my stash is that big.

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    • Wow that’s quite a stash! Much bigger than mine then! I’m sure I’ve got enough shower gel and body butter to last me a year, but I’m not convinced I’ve got enough make up to go that long. I’m going to throw out some stuff I don’t like or use as there’s no point me moving it x


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