January Favourites

Jan Favs

It’s been a few months since I last did a favourites post, as I felt like I was saying the same things over and over. However I’ve had some recent additions to my stash and rediscovered an old favourite which I want to share with you all.


Schwarzkopf Got2b Guardian Angel Heat Protection

I picked this up in BM for £2.99 earlier this month as I had the shameful realisation that I had no idea how long I’ve had my previous heat protector for, but I’m sure its been more than 3 years so I started to avoid using it. Obviously this wasn’t ideal so I grabbed this, as it was such a great price and I’ve been loving Schwarzkopf products lately. Once again, Schwarzkopf haven’t disappointed me – it does everything I want it to really well! Plus the smell of this is so beautifully sweet, that I love to use it! It’s become a staple in my haircare routine. This is currently on offer at Boots for £2.71.

Real Techniques Starter Set

I was lucky enough to find these wrapped up under the Christmas tree this year and have used them every day I have worn make up since! The only one of these brushes I haven’t put to use yet it the eye liner brush, as I use liquid, but I’m so impressed with the quality of them all that I’m tempted it try it out. Get them on Amazon for £15.09 – great value for 5 brushes!

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion

This has been an absolute saving grace for me this month! If you’re a frequent reader of the blog, you may be aware that I was suffering with eczema for the first time in over 15 years. I tried out a couple of different creams made specially for skin conditions like eczema with little relief. In frustration, I switched to this fragrance free moisturiser to prevent further irritation (more on that here) and let me tell you, if you have a similar skin condition don’t waste your time with anything else! This is naturally hydrating thanks to the oats in it and soothed, softened and relieved my skin like nothing else. Thankfully, I’ve now identified what was causing my flare up and my eczema has completely gone, but this does such an amazing job at hydrating my skin that I’m continuing to use it. Does 24 hour hydration seem like a bold claim? Maybe, but it’s no claim! You really can feel the benefits of it a day later. A 200ml bottle is on offer for £3.69 at Boots.

The Body Shop Eye Shadow in Oh Honey

I picked up this eye shadow in my recent Beauty Essentials Haul as a replacement for a No 7 shadow which I had finished up. I love this colour! Its so beautifully nude, it doesn’t look like it’s there on my skin, but catches in the light to create a subtle shimmer which brightens up my whole look. I love to contrast this with my usual heavy black eye liner for my everyday look. This eye shadow is £7.

Botanics Radiant Youth Hydrating Eye Cream

Another items from my Beauty Essentials Haul, this lovely eye cream is still half price at Boots, making it only £4.49. I’ve been using this morning and night since I bought it and have been really pleased with it. It helps to reduce puffiness and the appearance of fine lines, as well as soothing the delicate skin under the eye. This cream has completely converted me to the benefits of eye cream – I previously didn’t use one – and I can see myself happily using it up. It will take me a while though, because you really don’t need much and the tube is a good size.

So there we have it! Have you used any of these products? What products have you been loving lately?


6 responses to “January Favourites

  1. Ah that Body Shop eyeshadow looks gorgeous! I’ve really been getting into their make up recently.
    And oh yeah Rach, mind if I link you in on my sulphate/silicone haircare post? You’ve written some good stuff about it! x

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s beautiful! It’s the second make up product I’ve tried from them and I have to say I want to try more now. They have such a good range of colours too!

      Ahh yeah of course you can! I read it quickly whilst I was on my break at work, but need to go watch your video :) x


      • I have a blush from them (which I still need to review!) and it’s so nice and creamy. Think I’ll definitely be looking at more of their stuff >_<

        Cool, I'll add you onto there too :) x


      • I was thinking about getting a new blusher the other day, then this morning was sorting out my make up into my old Glossyboxes and rediscovered a Revlon one I forgot I had, so I’m going to give that a go. TBS do such high quality products though, I’m sure the rest of their make up range is really good!

        Aw yay thank you :) x


      • Yeah! I have spotted some lip and cheek tint stick things in TBS. I really like the look of them but I’ve been spending loads of make up recently I need to calm down haha.

        Ah no worries, I try not to get embarrassed about people watching my videos so I just post it without thinking about it! Haha x

        Liked by 1 person

      • So flash isn’t working on this computer and I don’t know the password to update it! Gahh have to wait to watch your review when I get my mac back on Tues :( x


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