Clothing Haul! ft. New Look, H&M & Dorothy Perkins

clothing haul

Before we get on to what I bought, I’d like to share a couple of pieces of important news with you all. First of all, I have been offered a new job! I’ve got a temporary contract an hour’s drive from me, where I’ll finally be able to start my career as a graphic designer! I am of course very very pleased and although I don’t start til March thanks to a long notice period and a pre-booked holiday, some of the things I bought were with office/studio dress code in mind. The second thing is that my beloved macbook is heading off to Apple for a couple of days for some repairs! (thankfully just within the extended warranty period I took out when I bought it!) Although I have access to another mac, this may affect my ability to keep up with the blog, so I just thought I’d let you all know, as I have otherwise been very good at keeping up with my posting schedule this month. That’s also the main reason why today’s post is a day late – after a hectic day, I finally finished writing this up at 11pm!

Now on to the haul! Pretty much everything I bought this month is from New Look as their new lines are absolutely amazing and so so affordable! I honestly need to stay away from their store and website because every time I take a look, I find something I haven’t seen before that’s very tempting. Plus they have 20% student discount on at the moment, making it even better value. I managed to get my hands on a graduate student card NUS were offering for a limited time, so have gotten discount on everything from them, although some was purchased before the 20% discount period.

New Look

IMG_2218 IMG_2217


Black Leather Zip Cuff Lace Up Boots – £17

I think it’s only fair to kick off with this absolutely beautiful boots. Did I need another pair of black ankle boots? No. Could I leave said boots behind when they were reduced to £17? Hell no! And yes that is a real leather tag hanging off them. Bargain! These are from the teens section and surprisingly, there are still some left online in a size 4. I love the eyelets for the laces and the military feel about them. I found them really comfy when I tried them on, but as I have wide feet I am needing to break them in slightly, but as they’re leather they’ll stretch.


Khaki Seam Back Pocket Front T Shirt – £6.99

Anyone who saw my recent fashion post, The Khaki Edit, will not be surprised to see this T shirt here. It is in fact the first of three khaki coloured items I’ve bought lately. I have found this to be a good true to size fit and this piece has fit straight into my wardrobe. Definitely worth the money!


Khaki V Neck Cami – £9.99

Again, this is filling a gap in my wardrobe very nicely as is a piece I know I’m going to get a lot of wear out of. It’s nice a loose around the bottom so goes well over the top of body con skirts or leggings. Plus the cut and material are suitable to dress up for work too. If only it looked as good on the hanger!


Black V Neck Cami – £9.99

This is the same top as above, which I bought shortly after getting the khaki version as New Look had a £15 discount code online. I do already own a black cami, but I felt that there is no such thing as too many plain black tops! Again, I’ll be wearing this one to work.


Khaki Drop Pocket Boyfriend Cardigan – £12.99

I ordered this with the black cami to put me over the spend for the voucher. Plus I like longline cardigans as they’re really flattering and look great with leggings and dresses. This is a nice light weight one which will be great on its as the weather gets warmer or layered up during the winter.

IMG_2263 IMG_2265

Black Jersey Aztec Jacquard Mini Skirt – £14.99

I went into store to collect my online order and there right at the front was this beautiful skirt. I was immediately drawn to it and tried it on straight away. The fabric is really soft and warm, without being heavy. The pattern is striking, despite the colours being muted and it fits really well. Add to that the 20% student discount and the fact that I had a credit note from returning a sale item and it made it impossible to leave behind. I wore this out for the first time yesterday and I really like it. Again, this can easily be dressed up or down.


IMG_2261 IMG_2262

This cardigan my mum actually bought for me to celebrate the new job. I originally found it in black and burgundy, but wasn’t sure if it worked with my hair so when we found the white version we knew it was a winner. This was £15 and unfortunately isn’t on their website.

Dorothy Perkins

IMG_2266 IMG_2267

Lastly, is this pair of flats I picked up half price from Dorothy Perkins. I only had one other pair of dolly shoes and as they’re covered in studs aren’t really suitable for the office, so I decided to get these whilst they’re on offer. I don’t usually wear pointy shoes as they’re often too narrow, but this pair are wide fit so are okay. I paid £7.50 and these have now sold out online.

That’s all the clothes and shoes I bought this month! If you want to see what beauty items I got, check out my Beauty Essentials Haul!

Have you bought anything lately?



14 responses to “Clothing Haul! ft. New Look, H&M & Dorothy Perkins

  1. Yay congrats on the job! I love everything you bought especially the boots (rude not to at the price) and the skirt! X


  2. Congratulations on the job Rach! I’m so pleased for you :)

    Oh my god I’ve had a bit of a haul too in new look and DP. Maybe I’ll do a post to justify it lol x


    • Thanks Emma! I haven’t forgotten about the work for your blog. It’s been such a crazy month – I’ve had 5 interviews! Hopefully I’ll get a bit of down time next week to finally get my ideas down properly.

      Ahh they have sooo many nice things in at the moment don’t they? You should deffo do a haul I’d love to see what you got 😊 x


      • Yeah sounds like you’ve been busy! That’s alright, just when you can and I hope it adds something a little extra to your portfolio which no doubt you’ll be building in the new job! :)

        Yeah, it’ll be a big post, i bought other things from topshop and miss Selfridge too lol. Hopefully not everything fits and I can return some of it to not spend so much! >_< x


      • I haven’t stopped since the beginning of Dec! I’m surprised I’ve been doing so well at keeping up the blog posts with everything that’s been going on.

        That’s exactly what I did.. and then spent the money I got from returns on other clothes! Haha. At least I’m mostly kitted out for the new job now though! Think I’ll have to get a pair of black trousers or jeans when I get the dress code through, but that’s not too much. x


      • Haha oh no, not much hope for me! When do you start? X


      • 9th March so a little while off x


      • Cool, you’ll have to post up some of your work on here too :) x


  3. fionaswonderland

    I have that skirt. absolutely love it! I wrote a blogpost all about styling it if you fancy having a peek :)


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