Christmas Beauty Haul

So this is a bit of an odd post in some ways, as I was going to post a ‘What I Got For Christmas/Birthday’ thing, but have been working a lot (yay retail at xmas…) and predominantly got books & dvds. I am very pleased with everything I got*, but I don’t want to bore you all with them. Then I went sale shopping & found nothing in most stores, so I have combined those beauty items with the others for one picture heavy beauty post!

*except maybe a christmas cake liquer I got for my birthday. I’m scared to try it.


First up, are the presents. I got the brushes for Christmas and the bath bomb for my birthday.

IMG_2103 IMG_2105

This is the Lush Dragon’s Egg bath bomb which my former flat mate bought for me so that I could ‘pretend I was Daenerys’. She gets me. I have to say, I am surprised I resisted using it for so long because it smells AMAZING. I definitely agree with Lush that the scent is reminiscent of lemon sherbert. I have to confess I wanted to make this last so broke the bomb in half, which was more than enough to colour, scent and glittify my bath, but did ruin the effect slightly. Overall, I really enjoyed this and would definitely buy it again, even if I did miss the bubbles…


Many of you will recognise the Real Techniques Starter Kit, maybe even from my Birthday/Christmas Wish List. I was so so pleased to unwrap these on Christmas day, as they seemed to make their way higher and higher up my wish list the closer it got to the day. Eyeshadow is in many ways a recent discovery for me and I only had a pair of brushes, which was proving problematic with going between light and dark shades and wanting something to apply cream shadows with.

This set contains (L-R) a deluxe crease brush, base shadow brush, accent brush, fine liner brush and brow brush. You can probably tell that I’ve used the base and brow brushes before taking pics! The base brush is very comparable to the No 7 one I had previously (which is now being used for darker shades) and I use it for powder shadows. I have actually been using the brow brush for cream eyeshadows as I’ve been filling my brows with a brow mascara. It works surprisingly well considering its not its intention. Overall, I am very impressed and will definitely look into getting more Real Techniques brushes.


Now on to the sale items! This batch are from Boots all of which I paid for with my points! I really do spend too much money there…


The first thing I picked up was this Soap & Glory gift set called Soap For The Best. It was reduced from £10 t0 £5. I haven’t tried many S&G products before, but have liked all of them. I know from previously working two Christmases at Boots that the S&G sets are first to fly off the shelves, so I immediately went to look at what they had left in the sale and was surprised to find a couple of options. I went for this particular set as not only will I used everything in it, but I haven’t tried any of them before. The set contains Hand Food hand cream 50ml, Clean On Me shower gel 75ml, Scrub Of Your Life body scrub 50ml, The Righteous Butter body butter 50ml and a body polisher. As they’re all travel sized, I’m not sure I would have paid £10 for it, but at £1 an item I think this was a pretty good buy.


Next was the Seventeen Eyeliner Collection, down to £6. My current Seventeen High Drama eyeliner is getting a bit low, so I decided to grab this set as it was such a good price & the only one left! The set contains an Eye Kohl pencil, Make Your Mark pen, Doll’d Up dot liner and a Tattoo Me semi-permanent eyeliner, all black. My camera didn’t focus on the swatches very well close up, but hopefully you can see that they are all quite pigmented. I have no idea how to use the dot one though. Anyone?

Update: after writing this post, I removed my make up using Bioderma Micellar water and a cotton pad. This takes off all my eye make up with ease. Except the Tattoo Me eyeliner. That still looks fresh on my wrist despite scrubbing!


I found these Balmi lip balms in cute little tree decorations and had to pick one up, although that was partly thanks to an earlier curiosity. I almost bought one in non-christmas packaging for about £4.50 a few weeks ago, because the ingredients list reads like a dream – Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil & SPF 15! I picked up the raspberry one for £2.50 and tried it out tonight. Its soo good! I might have to see if they’ve still got another in store…


The last thing I got in Boots was this adorable compact mirror from Gorjuss. I just love this illustration style! (I’ve bought several things from them when they reappear in the Christmas gifts each year) This is another one of those brands that just seems to disappear off the shelves, I think because its quite difficult to get hold of otherwise. This was the last mirror left and was £5.99. I don’t need a compact mirror, as I have a perfectly good one, but how was I meant to leave this alone on the shelf? (yeah I got the last of these too) It’s super cute and a really good quality mirror. It even came with its own protective pouch. So pleased with this!


My final stop was a visit to Lush, of course! Actually, I did this in two goes. I worked open – close Boxing Day, so missed out on the bulk of their sale despite working two doors down. I did see their giant queue before opening though. However, the day after I went in slightly early for work and stopped into the store to find them almost entirely cleaned out. After ONE DAY! Crazy.

This was my first experience of a Lush sale, so although I knew it would be popular, I was surprised at how quickly it all went. But I still picked up three things, all 50% off. The Christmas Penguin had been on my try list since it’s release, so I was pleased to finally get one. The Butter Bear you’ve seen on here before, but I couldn’t resist grabbing yet another when it was down to £1. Lastly, I got the Angel Bath Melt. I wanted to get another Star bath melt as I really loved the lime scent, but they were sold out so I grabbed this instead. All in all, these three cost me about £5. Not bad at all.

When I then went shopping in Boots on Monday, I went back to Lush to see if there was anything left, which of course there wasn’t. But I did find this delicious Sakura Bath Bomb! I’m not sure if this is seasonal or not, but I do know that Sakura is Japanese for cherry blossom and that they not only smell amazing, but make tasty drinks and sweets from them. Seeing this bomb made me miss Tokyo instantly, even though I was there too early to see the blossoms., so I had to have it. At £3.25 for one, its not too pricey and like the Dragon’s Egg one, I could break this in half if I wanted to make it last longer. But maybe this time I’ll use a whole one to see the full effect.

And that’s everything from my beauty haul! Anything here you’ve tried? What items have you picked up in the sales? Let me know!




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