Empties 4


I think this is my biggest ever empties post, I’ve had a few things coming close to finishing for a while which I’ve finally managed to use up! Some of these are firm favourites which I’m sorry to see go, but others I am glad to see gone.

Right Guard Women Antiperspirant Xtreme 72hr 

This deodorant was a new discovery for me. I got it towards the end of the summer, as I was getting quite hot and sweaty at work and wanted something that was an antiperspirant as well as deodorant. This was on offer so I thought I’d give it a go. I’m really glad I did, because this is definitely the best I’ve used in a long time. It dries really quickly (I don’t like creamy roll ons that leave you feeling wet for an hour after) and helps to keep sweat away during a long day. I’m not convinced it lasts 72hours, but it certainly does a great job as both an antiperspirant and a deodorant. Repurchase? I already have!

The Body Shop Rainforest Radiance Shampoo

If you’ve read my recent Sulphate Free Shampoo Reviews post, then you’ll know that this is a definite miss for me! Repurchase? Uh, no!

The Body Shop Shower Gel in Peach Vineyeard

If looks like this scent has been discontinued, which is such a shame as it’s beautiful! As for the shower gel, like all of TBS shower gels, a little goes a long way, as this foams up really well. It leaves my skin feeling soft and clean and the scent lingers for a few hours. I love these! Repurchase? I would get another peach one if I saw it, however, I do currently have several bottles in other scents.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I reviewed this a while back and my feelings on it haven’t changed. I’ve compared it to a few other micellar waters and found this to be far superior. At £5 for 400ml, it is great value for money and is often on offer. Repurchase? Definitely! Although I currently have two bottles of Bioderma to use first.

Figs & Rouge Hand Cream in Mango & Mandarin

I got a 20ml bottle of this in one of my Glossyboxes and loved it from the first go. Previously, I wasn’t much of a hand cream user, as I don’t like waiting for them to absorb, but this soaks in so quickly that it’s not an issue. Plus I really noticed a difference in the condition of my hands after use. It got to the point where I avoided using this up for a long time, which was a bit ridiculous and I am sad that I don’t have one at the moment as the winter weather is definitely taking it’s toll. Repurchase? Yes! I need to get myself another asap. I’m thinking of going for the cherry blossom scent this time.

Collection Black Nail Varnish

This was never an amazing black varnish, but it did the job. However, I’ve had it for ages and it has now completely dried out so it’s time to say good bye. Repurchase? No! I love my Essie Liquorice one too much.

The Body Shop Body Butter in Strawberry

Strawberry has always been my favourite scent from TBS and this isn’t my first tub of their body butter. It’s a very thick formula, but it still spreads well and absorbs quite quickly and the scent lingers for hours after. Plus 24 hours later, you can still notice the effect of the moisturiser on your skin. I particularly like using this on my legs after shaving to prevent too much dry skin. Repurchase? Yes, but I have another couple in other scents to use first.

Seventeen Miracle Matte Powder in Porcelain

I bought this when I needed another powder, but the Rimmel Stay Matte powder wasn’t in stock. It’s been a good back up, but I much prefer a translucent powder which Seventeen do not offer. Plus I think the staying power of this doesn’t match up to the Rimmel one. Repurchase? If I couldn’t get the Rimmel, then yes, otherwise no.

That’s everything from this batch of empties! I think I’ve done a pretty good job at clearing some space out ready for anything I may receive at Christmas or buy in the sales. Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them?






9 responses to “Empties 4

  1. I have the Seventeen Miracle Matte Powder in Porcelain and I really don’t like it, it looks so cakey! The Rimmel powder looks much more natural and as you said lasts much longer :) x


  2. Ive wanted to try the BS Body Butter for a a while now, I love the peach and orangey (maybe its tangerine) scents :)


  3. The TBS Peach showergel is gonna be in my next empties post too. I love its hydrating effect but the scent was too sweet for me. 1st world problems… and the strawberry range is probably my favourite too!


  4. Fab empties – I’m currently using my Garnier Micellar water and loving it too!! That body butter looks amazing *yumm* Karen x


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