Switching To Sulphate Free Shampoo – Reviews


Wow has it really been a month and a half since I last did a hair related post? I can’t believe how quickly time is passing me by at the moment. In my last post about switching to sulphate free, I promised a more long term update and I have now had chance to try out a couple of the other shampoos that I mentioned were on the market, so I’m going to do some quick reviews on them for you.

The Body Shop Rainforest Radiance Shampoo

This handily comes in both full sized (£4.50 for 250ml) and travel sized (£2 for 60ml) and was the shampoo I original bought when I switched over. I’ve used almost the entire bottle of this, but have stopped using it because of a deal breaking issue with it. Aside from that, the packaging is a bit too stiff so its hard to get the product out of. I could over look that though if it wasn’t for the other thing. I makes me molt. Now I’ve always molted a fair bit and initially thought the bit extra hair coming out was from washing my hair less often. However, I was starting to get concerned after a fellow blogger reviewed it and said she noticed a large amount of hair coming out. The final straw for me was when a huge clump of hair slid down my back, as another came out in my hand. We’re talking a proper handful of hair with the two combined. Now I have thick hair and didn’t notice it had thinned, but at the same time I think we can agree that it is an excessive amount of hair to come out in one wash. Since I’ve stopped using this shampoo, I’m getting about 1/3 of that come out each wash (if that). So, sorry Body Shop, I usually love you, but this is a flat out no from me.

L’oreal EverRiche Nourishing & Taming Shampoo

This one is £6.99 for 250ml and says nice and big on the front ‘no sulphates’. It lies. These are the 3rd, 4th and 5th main ingredients:  Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Disodum Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Sodium Lauryl Sarcosinate. Okay so they may get away with it because it isn’t a lauryl sulphate, but let’s face it, they basically are. And my hair knew it too. Since switching to sulphate free shampoo, if I wash my hair with an ordinary shampoo it goes greasy within a day because it is too harsh for my hair (and I lose a lot more colour), which is exactly what happened when I used this. I have donated the bottle to my mum as she uses normal shampoo.

Lesson to learn: pay attention to the ingredients list, not the label on the front.

Naked Bounce Curl Defining Shampoo

So I couldn’t find this exact one on the Boots website, even though I bought it in one of their stores. I mostly bought this out of desperation after finding out the other two weren’t going to work for me. It is the best of the three, but considering what I’ve just written I’m sure you’ll agree that’s no great feat. But it is actually a good shampoo! At £4.39 for 250ml, that’s not an unreasonable amount to pay for it, but my complaint is this: there isn’t a colour protection one as part of the range, which is the main thing I want in my shampoo.

Because it is sulphate free, my colour does last longer than it did before, and it does leave my hair soft and shiny. Plus I can still go that extra day without washing than I could before sulphate free shampoo, so it is a good product. However, I think a colour formulated version would help my hair greatly. Plus I don’t really like the smell of this. Which is just personal preference really, it’s not unpleasant, but the irish moss and sea fennel are just a bit herby smelling to me and I don’t like my hair smelling of that. I am going to use this up though, I’ve got about a third of the bottle left.

Overall, I am still glad I made the switch the sulphate free shampoo, even if I haven’t found my perfect shampoo yet. It’s not that surprising, when you think about how many shampoos I must have tried over the years, that it is taking a little bit of trial and error to find what’s best for me. Next on my list to try is the Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Color Freeze Sulphate Free Shampoo, which I mistakenly bought the identical looking sulphate containing version of and am currently awaiting a refund for. I have high hopes for this, as I have gotten on really well with my Schwarzkopf hair mask, but I cannot find an ingredients list for this anywhere to double check.

Have you tried any sulphate free shampoos? Which do you recommend? (or not!)

Update: I’ve found an ingredients list for the Schwarzkopf Shampoo here


31 responses to “Switching To Sulphate Free Shampoo – Reviews

  1. I’ve never tried them before but really intrigued to give them a go!! Great post :) Karen x


  2. Oh my goshhh! I cannot believe your hair was coming out in clumps. How frustrating.. I will put that on the do not buy list for sure lol. I have not tried sulphate free yet that I know of but it’s always hard in general finding the right shampoo. I hope you find a great one. <3 Kristin


  3. Rachel! Im trying the Liz Earle one at the moment and it is working great for me so far :) it is a bit pricey but my hair has not felt this AMAZING simce forever. Haha.
    Also are you still interested in doing some graphics for my blog? :) xx


  4. Such a shame about the Body Shop, I usually love it too! I haven’t actually tried any yet, i’m looking to find things that will help my hair grow longer in the new year
    Love Sass xxx


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