Little Lush Christmas Haul


In my last post, I talked about how I find candles to be a great way of relaxing, especially in the winter months. Another thing I like to do is have a nice long soak in the bath (again with a book, it’s such an easy way to escape from it all). My favourite bath products at the moment are definitely from Lush. It was only a couple of months ago that I made my first Lush purchase and since then I’ve been steadily growing a small selection of their products – mainly the bubble bars! I’ve been really liking trying out some different products from their seasonal range and decided to grab a couple more bits before they disappear from stores after Christmas.


Now I have to confess, I really didn’t need more bath products because I do currently have 5 on the go, but there was one I have been really wanting to get my hands on. The Star Light Star Bright bath melt (£3.50) is incredibly glittery to the touch and smells of lime and ginger which is so zingy and uplifting. It contains shea butter, so will be moisturising too! Plus it looks really cute, so I had almost bought it a couple of times before. This is one I’m really looking forward to using, as I’m sure I’m going to love it. As with most Lush bath products, this is big enough to be used a couple of times.


I also grabbed a Butterbear, although I currently have one I’ve part used. These little delights are one of the more affordable Lush products at £1.95 each. This is a bath bomb full of cocoa butter and smells of vanilla with a hint of chocolate. I haven’t actually used one of these as a bath bomb, as I like to have bubbles when taking a soak, so I used a piece of this with a piece of a bubble bar to create an extra moisturising bubble bath which was delightfully indulgent. My skin was incredibly soft to the touch after so I figured I might as well grab another one of these whilst they’re still around.


I am a big fan of lip balm all year round, but in the winter month’s my lips dry out a lot more and I am often left with painful, chapped lips. I’ve got some good lip balms to help them feel nice again, but I am regularly left with dry patches, which become very visible when I put a lip colour over the top. I’ve seen such good reviews of the Lush Lip Scrubs, which come in a couple of different flavours, but there’s something about the special edition cola flavoured Santa’s Lip Scrub that made me grab this over the others. This is a sugar based scrub, which cost £5.50, but the tub is a good size and will last quite a while. I am looking forward to giving this a go and having soft, smooth lips once again.

That’s everything I got this time. I tend to buy a couple of things from Lush every few weeks at the moment, as I work two doors down and the scent travels down from their store tempting me into buying more! Is there anything from the Christmas range you think I should try?



10 responses to “Little Lush Christmas Haul

  1. I couldn’t believe how large the Christmas collection was! The Yog Nog soap has got to be my fave! x


  2. rachelellisfashionandbeauty

    I am also a huge Lush fan! I love Northern Lights I definitely recommend that one! :) xx


  3. Its silly to say, but its SO HARD to resist the temptation of just eating the lip scrub haha, its so good!!! Especially in this weather, scaly lips are never ‘in’ x


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