Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie Review


One of my favourite things to help me relax on a cold winter’s evening is to light a candle. I often read or watch a favourite show whilst one is burning, as the comforting scent spreads throughout the room. Somehow, that makes it seem so much warmer and cosier.


I recently purchased a box of tealights in Clintons in the fragrance Christmas Cookie. I got this box of 12 for £6.99, which is pretty good value for money. This isn’t the first time I have had one of these Yankee Candles, last year I had this scent in a votive and loved it so much that this year I decided to grab another. My local Clintons only had this scent in tealights, which are the perfect size to burn once or twice and will fit in many candle holders. Plus, being so little, you can change the scents around quite often for some variety.

Christmas Cookie is a delicate scent, initially smelling quite vanillary, but with a hint of spices thrown in. The spices are in no way over powering, but are noticeably there after it’s lit.


One thing I do find with candles, is that you may not realise how much the smell has spread through a room until you leave and come back. And it really doesn’t take long for the fragrance to travel.

Yankee Candles are one of the best known brands on the market and for good reason. The fragrance is in the wax throughout the entire candle, not just coated on the outside, so that the candle continuously emits the scent as it burns.

If you’re wanting to try some candles, but don’t want to commit to the burn time of a jar, then these tea lights are a great way to give a go. However, you can also buy individual votives for £1.80 each. In my experience, these tend to last me 3-4 burn times, so I can get a good feel for a fragrance and know if I’d burn a jar candle enough to make it worth buying.

What do you think of Yankee Candles? Do you use them to cosy up in the winter months?

2 responses to “Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie Review

  1. Yankee Candles are my favourite brand of candles, and I have a whole drawer with them in. Christmas Cookie is a beautiful one, but my favourite that i have been burning loads, this Christmas is Cranberry Ice.


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